OnePlus Lab: the 10 best photo submissions will get to test the OnePlus 5 early

30 May 2017
The camera will be a large part of the next OnePlus experience, the company is looking for skilled feedback.

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  • Anonymous

Oneplus keep getting more expensive.. From 250$ to 400$..I know it still cheap compared to Samsung and Apple, but if we just let it slide then in the end it's just gonna be a 100$ difference.. Oneplus is good but please stop thinking you're already good enough to increase the price.. 400$ is already not cheap in some countries..

  • Saitama

Umbrella, 30 May 2017I'll send my nudes. OnePlus should pick me.Make sure your nudes are good enough or else...hahahahah

  • Anonymous

Lol, 30 May 2017This marketing charade is getting out of control. If the phone l... moreThen don't wait just go for the s8. You are complaining about OP5 without knowing and seeing the device already. Also you are not satisfied if it is going to cost slightly more than OP3T but you don't mind wasting a fortune in S8

  • AnonD-673384

Lol, 30 May 2017This marketing charade is getting out of control. If the phone l... moreI don't understand your gripes with the company..... They are literally asking consumers to help them optimize their product to improve it for us (the potential buyers); which is much more than what other companies do. Not to mention they are working with DxO to further improve their photos. OnePlus is also aware that their company thrives on Cheap-High Spec phones, even if they hike up the price it wouldn't even come close to the expensive wallet busting GS8/GS8+ far less whatever Apple's coming out with (estimates between $400-$550 and $600 for the 128gb 8GB model would be ideal). I mean you gotta give the company credit for focusing more on consumer usability, satisfaction and costs than any other company that seems to focus on just bringing the next best looking device.
I mean I'm a samsung fan through and through and probably no other phone will look as sexy as S8/S8+ but you gotta give credit when credit is due! Don't think like the usual Sheepeople and lag with Samsung as your only choice, at least objectively look at what the company is trying to bring to the table!

  • AnonD-673384

Expecting great things .....Let's see if they can meet those expectations

I'll send my nudes.
OnePlus should pick me.

  • Lol

This marketing charade is getting out of control. If the phone looks as ugly as the recent leaks suggest or the price is higher then what it is now, i will just go for an S8.