More Moto Z2, Moto Z2 Play and Moto E4 leaked photos appeared

30 May 2017
The new Z-series devices will have USB-C but the E4 will stick to the microUSB.

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  • Anonymous

Great design. Others may disagree.

  • Anonymous

There is no phone model of Motorola haveing much backup battery power
Moto X Play model is good from all model of moto

  • motofan

i think motorola is not being so competitive with the brands. theyre making their own signature models. but i think i wont produce a lot of profit for the world now, only very very few love uniqueness and creativeness.

  • Herro

Perhaps the price will be a little more reasonable with this year's model. I like the idea, but until I am sure Motonovo will keep supporting the Mods I am unwilling to pay a flagship price for the phone.

  • Zebb

Looks like water sitting in an old car headlight.

  • AnonD-655794

Ugliest phone of 2017 goes to...

  • fans

Where is z2 force international?
Hopefully z2 comes with 3200MAh at least.
Powerfull SoC no use without enough battery