Official Honor 9 poster confirms June 12 as a launch date

05 June 2017
The phone will be launched next week in Shanghai.

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  • Anonymous

I am not sure if Xiaomi copied Huawei's designs or Huawei copied Xiaomi's designs.

  • Anonymous

so worse design then honor 8 and no headphone jacket? sounds like a fail phone...

  • Anonymous

Oh, white/silver hair coming into fashion - great, now that my hair is getting grayer by the day.

  • Anonymous

the finger sign of the singer means 9 in Chinese finger representation for the numbers, looking forward to the announcement

  • Seguet

The gesture means nine

Ohh with silver hair!?, good, very good. So probably more avant-garde than the phone itself, haha (obviously a joke). More seriously, regarding the phone itself. Let's hope that it will be a good contender for its particular price segment.

  • AnonD-652470

[deleted post]My main issue was they made a home button on the front (not a fan), didn't increase battery capacity, and didn't make screen resolution better (size increase would have been nice too). Otherwise I'd have bought it without thinking twice. But this seems like Honor was just being lazy.

  • edgar

is j2 prime otg ready?