Unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ are already almost $100 cheaper in the US through open box deals

06 June 2017
Although not technically "new", these are handsets that have been returned in excellent condition.

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  • Vilas
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  • 30 Nov 2017

Do you do delivery to Canada, if yes how many days need to reach to Toronto. Should I pay taxes in Canada after USA
Does unlocked Galaxy 8, 8+ work in India

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    • AnonD-659932
    • Ibx
    • 08 Jun 2017

    open box is used as far as i'm concerned. what's interesting is that there's such a surplus of returns that they have to advertise it here. s8 = massive fail.

      Well, if to call it just an "open box" (like that no one had ever messed up with) or as second hand, and so that definitely it's not new, it depends on one's perspective, etc. But the way that I see it, for just $87 or $99 less respectively, I would rather buy it completely new and at least have a slightly more peace of mind.

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        • 8pE
        • 07 Jun 2017

        unlocked s8 costs 625$ and s8+ 725 in Kurdistan......

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          • awe
          • tDQ
          • 07 Jun 2017

          people bought s8. they're not using it yet. post it on bestbuy. in don't get it.

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            • 6jr
            • 06 Jun 2017

            S7 edge (the less restarted brother of those phones) can be had for half their cost too.

            Soooo... Still too expensive. Samsung's very own phone is both a better deal and a better phone (in almost everything)