Counterclockwise: Sony Ericsson and Symbian UIQ, the early days of the touchscreen smartphone

11 June 2017
The Ericsson R380 was the first "smartphone" and it spawned the likes of the Sony Ericsson P800 and its siblings.

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  • AnonD-601940

Those days with Nokia and Sony Ericssion Are Gold

symbian is a class of art and there is a no OS better than symbian. 1st nokia kill symbian then curs of symbian kill nokia for forever.without symbian nokia is not nokia it's just a name

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately the chances of a different form factors like slide, flip & qwerty keyboard are very few and manufacturers will not take such risk.
Only Blackberry have tried different form factors with Priv & Keyone , but didn't generate that much of a positive response and only appealed to very few people.

  • Anonymous


Before, companies tried to innovate and be different from competitors to get the customer's attention. Now, most (mostly those that target Asia) companies are just copying the iPhone design and keep pushing big, useless specs at a low price (but without quality and S/W assurance).

If Sony would have find their balls and remade Xperia X1 with new technology and with new slim profile(today its possible to make qwerty slider that would have less than 9mm) but with the same design It would be one of best device of the year...
Those lines, detail. We seriously need go back to devices that had soul and nice design features, because all we have today are black slabs that all look the same.

  • AnonD-664474

I'm a Sony fan but props to Samsung for resembling the old school with their flip smartphones. They surely know what the consumers really want.

  • Surficial

Phone's have stagnated in innovation for a while now, just refining the slab and making it bigger.
Mods and foldable displays should inject something new, once the kinks are worked out and they aren't too chunky.

  • Anonymous

Sony ericsson K850i

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2017i really miss the old days, lots of design, slider flip, pdas an... moreyes bro only spec wars.. :((

  • ResolvePi

Like others, I miss some of those phones, I had the SE P800 and P900 series, and in a way, they were better than both the iPhone and most none Note series Androids. Nice multi-tasking OS, lots of very useful apps built in, a stylus AND keyboard AND touch screen! Yes, the cameras and such were terrible, but the form factors were better ergonomically. Only phones today that are as useful 'out in the field', are the Galaxy Notes. (I have a Note5, and it's outstanding in every way.)

  • Anonymous

i really miss the old days, lots of design, slider flip, pdas and so on, now we have only spec wars in a slab

these articles are so good...loved it

  • Sohail

Technology went from 0 to 100 very quickly.
Wonder whats future gonna be...

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2017No mention of SE Satio and Vivaz. Those had to be mentioned.Those run Symbian S60, not UIQ.

  • Anonymous

No mention of SE Satio and Vivaz. Those had to be mentioned.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Muisc

  • Anonymous

I still have my SE G900. it's really slow itself(e.g loading 6 contacts would take around 5~110 seconds), but would run the apps I have(e.g. Sega genesis, and NES emulators) really awesome and fast. I deadly love it, looks too much business and solid.