Sprint goes after Verizon by offering free unlimited service for a year to those who switch

13 June 2017
There are caveats here, but perhaps not as many as you'd expect.

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  • Scorpio_3113

$1 sim for bring your own phone. safelink free smart phone with unlimited sms. what else you need.

  • Straight Talk CRS

Straight Guy, 14 Jun 2017Straight Talk is the best!Has Very good service XD!!!!
let me check some infomation on my system

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2017tons of tracfone representatives here >_>maybe your a CSR too :D stay on the line sir XD

  • Anonymous

tons of tracfone representatives here >_>

  • Anonymous

better go to tracfone guys you will not regret it!

Well, it seems like a real great deal.

  • Anonymous

Depends on service in your area and what wireless bands carrier your on!!

  • Straight Guy

Straight Talk is the best!

  • john

Id better go to TRACFONE nor SAFELINK.. they are the best choice so far

  • Mega Geymon

Switch to Safelink...there are the true free service. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grrrr

Switch to Safelink!

  • rawrrr

just switch to tracfone guys

  • AnonD-569198

I'm not sure one year of free Sprint service is worth the trouble.