Android 2.3.4 to bring FaceTime-like video calls

26 April, 2011
Video-calling has been available on Android for a while but only in its prime form - 3G video calls, which are charged by the minute by your carrier. Well, Google is about to add its own video chat feature to...

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  • subbu

google should also add the earlier generation video call using the normal 3g umts network supported by carries and not using the data plans to make video call.. i checked various forums only to find that lot of people are ignorant of the fact that they can do video call without using skype,fring or other SIP/VOIP apps.

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 27 Apr 2011It's really funny how Apple always crowns themself like they inv... moreI know you are not talking about the US, right? I know a lot of people in the US were fooled that Iphone 4 was the first with a front facing camera. I imported phones with front facing camera but couldn't use it.

  • Feroz


for a long time, say for more than 2 months i am using video call between my Iphone 4 and my Htc HD2 (i booted it with Android),
i am calling on Fring Video Call, and its simply awesome,
video quality is 7/10, and voice is 8/10,
but i am desperately waiting for the android to update on skype video call. as skype video call is 9/10,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2011Apple invented Face Time (not videocall), Retina Display, A5 pro... moreFacetime is basically a videocall that works between iPhone only through wifi, and retina display is basically a resolution upgrade, so what's so groundbreaking about that?

  • iAndroid

RejZoR, 27 Apr 2011It's really funny how Apple always crowns themself like they inv... moreApple never said it did invent video calling. Next you'll be saying they claimed to invent the mobile phone - lol!

  • RejZoR

It's really funny how Apple always crowns themself like they invented everything. We've had video calls long before Apple even heard of this thing, let alone use it. I think our national GSM operator offered free video calls to all the users who purchased a front facing camera phone when they launched EDGE network. ANd they offered these free video calls for almost entire year.

  • Anonymous

My Xoom tablet has it. Can't wait until my Atrix gets it so that I won't use it

  • AnonD-3623

haha information came form the guy called Saad thats my name :)

  • LV

Why copy iOS' style of video calling? Does Google a copycat? I don't know!

  • Anonymous

ohh my god .. let me understand it .. android dont have video call feature yet??



and that so callled "dumb" symbian is providing video call for almost 6 years

  • Nelsinho

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2011Finally?! Android still behind Hows that?, Android has already other apps to videochat, is yours Jobs-god keeping you from using google to know the truth?? :P

  • johndru

There are EXISTING ANDROID apps out there that provide video calls using wifi. sheesh!

  • Anonymous

x10, 26 Apr 2011apple din't invent video calls!!I have a cell phone with video calling 2 years before iphone came out. It was useless cause no one had it and knew about it.

  • Long live WAVE1

lol this is cute how all the apple folk swears they invited v-chat when its been around for years before "facetime". hell i got phones from 8 years back with front facing cameras and can v-chat lmao.

  • Mani

My nexus S doesn't have the "prime Form" 3G video call either. My previous nokia 5800 had that, and its a feature i have desired for quite some time. hopefully it rolls out with 2.3.4.
If only someone ported the dialer from the galaxy S to the nexus s.....huh HEAVEN!!

  • maxwell

well i know in my end this feature is not that interesting my apology, but i will agree that this is a good service using a mobile phone .. who knows sooner or later all people are on video call feature .. coz for a good skype service you need a 400MHz processor but now a days its dual core and another one comming just check the post last april 19 here is GSM arena news there is a new processor on the way

  • Anonymous

I hand Fring on Android before Apple ever had it. But there's no way i'm using minutes for it. I have unlimited data so stop trying to force me to use minutes. When are providers going to get with the program.

  • AnonD-5950

VynZ, 27 Apr 2011Useless if you want to call someone who is NOT currently logged ... moreTrue.. I though google has GTalk..
Chat and facetime service?

Skype is still the best but the drawbacks, u need to pay to videocall someone... Damn!

  • Melbourne

Will this only for the new phones with front facing camera's or Manufacturers will provide this feature or upgrade to the current devices like Galaxy S, TAB, LG Optimus series, etc?

  • AnonD-5465

loooooooolll and ppl still criticizing nokia !!! nokia had v-calls since the 6630 8 yers ago and wlan vcall from 3 yrs now !!