Counterclockwise: the most popular phones through the years

18 June 2017
We use page visit statistics to chart the fall of Nokia, Apple's challenge for the throne and the rise of Samsung.

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myname-is-trump, 21 Jun 2017s7 in the third place ... what a joke !!!list is about popular phones, not the best ones..

  • Orsted

Phone history? Hmm let's see...

2003 Nokia1100
2004 Nokia1100
2005 Nokia1100
2006 Nokia1100
2007 Nokia1100
2008 Nokia1100
2009 Nokia1100
2010 Nokia1100
2011 Nokia1100
2012 Nokia1100
2013 Nokia1100
2014 Nokia1100

Seriously Nokia phones are badass. Dropped from a 30 meter height and still works perfectly. Drowned in 1 meter deep water and still works perfectly.

Now I have a smartphone because the things you can do with feature phones are limited.

1. Philips Diga. Got stolen.
2. Motorola T180. Sold it after i got new phone.
3. Motorola C333. Gave away after i got new phone.
4. Siemens M55.
5. Siemens M65. Liked Siemens phones but wanted 'smarter'.
6. Nokia N70. Was immediately sold to Symbian. Unfortunately this phone sank in lake.
7. Nokia N73 ME.
8. Nokia 5730 Xpressmusic. I still like sliding QWERTY keyboards.
9. Nokia C6.
10. Sony Xperia S. My first and last Android phone. This OS is abomination.
11. MS Lumia 640 LTE. Wanted to try WP and immediately liked it. Backup phone atm.
12. MS Lumia 950. Gave after upgrade to GF.
13. MS Lumia 950XL i am using now and as cameraphone:
14. Nokia 808 Pureview i bought 2 months ago and still in awe. Symbian, my favourite.

  • myname-is-trump

s7 in the third place ... what a joke !!!

  • Deivu

my first phone was a Sony Ericsson w200 l, nice java phone with a good sound quality
my next phone was a Nokia c101 very similar to my previous phone, just used to phone calls
then I get my first smartphone, a LG Optimus l3 a very cheap but helpful phone I keep it for two years
right after I got a Sony e4g worst phone I have had so far, very bad performance
I ended up selling the e4g and got a Moto g4 play, very good phone with a stunning battery life, I've been using it for five months

  • Surficial

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2017Sony is already down forever.Do you understand the word profit?

  • Anonymous

Surficial, 19 Jun 2017Sony's sales are down this year, but they are making way fewer m... moreSony is already down forever.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017good luck with your no name premium branded piece of junk sirThat junk is more durable than your S8 dude. Lol.

wow xiaomi break that Galaxy S record

  • Surficial

Trump fan 1980, 18 Jun 2017 I hope you are right. Question: do you guys think the Sony mobi... moreSony's sales are down this year, but they are making way fewer models and have turned a profit for the first time.
They seem to be in recovery with the recognition the xzp is getting also, so nope.

  • Steve Max

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017It is? Where?We'll go as far back as the year 2006 *in our statistics*...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017but its is specified you should read the whole article next time... moreIt is? Where?

  • Anonymous

lightning Mcqueen , 19 Jun 2017Hahaha, thank God that the S8 falls behind Nokia 6. Which means ... moregood luck with your no name premium branded piece of junk sir

Vineet290, 18 Jun 2017Almost agree with the list. But S5 should not be the most popula... moreAs of February 2017, the Galaxy S5 remained the most popular Samsung smartphone in the United States, holding a total of 15.6 percent of the firm's installed base, closely followed by the Galaxy S7 at 11.5 percent, the Galaxy S6 at 11.4 percent and the Galaxy S7 edge at 5.8 percent (surprising, we know).
I'm using one in the EU and it's still a great phone. Some people on the internet complained about the lack of "premium build" but apart from that there's nothing wrong with it. Removable battery, water resistance, great display, excellent camera, memory card slot, IR, etc, etc, everything is still top class. Upgraded to Marshmallow, still waiting for the "lag" that trolls are talking about. There was a security update last month, so it's still supported by Samsung. So, yes, it deserves to be here.
OnePlus One was only sold online and had no removable battery or memory card slot. Lumia 800 was abandoned by Nokia and Microsoft, not many still use it.

  • Anonymous

AiryJade, 19 Jun 2017Sony? HAHAHAHA, 6 month and dead from a death sleep. And every p... moreDeath? Are you kidding me? My Sony Z3 works even after three years.

  • Anonymous

1 - Sony Ericsson T630 - my first phone with only 1MB storage and low battery life
2 - Sony Ericsson K770i - was good gaming phone which was affected by virus and died
3 - Nokia 6303 Classic - very durable phone as I've sold mine after 7 years with 50$
4 - Samsung GT E1050 - Was very durable phone with some issues
5 - Sony Xperia Z3 - my first smartphone which works very smooth till now
6 - Micromax Q380 - I've bought it as my second smartphone and sold after a year
7 - Motorola Moto G4 Play - Bought two weak ago as it is very durable and smooth phone This is my phone history. Share your's yoo.

  • lightning Mcqueen

Hahaha, thank God that the S8 falls behind Nokia 6. Which means Nokia 6 is number 1!!! And because of that with the element of surprise...iam buying the Nokia 6 global version for my upcoming birthday!!!! KaChow!!!!

AiryJade, 19 Jun 2017Sony? HAHAHAHA, 6 month and dead from a death sleep. And every p... moreBrainless people are indeed everywhere, huh?
Thank you for your confirmation.

[deleted post]Which is very related to how durable a device is.
Let me offer you the slap from my Sony Ericsson P800i that I got a month after it was released.
This slap can surely break your skull, even harder than a 3310 can. :)

  • Anonymous

it was no surprise that the Samsung S series has slid off the chart and will continually do so since they have become more exorbitant with each iteration.