Live photo of the Meizu Pro 7 leaks

15 June 2017
A secondary e-ink display makes an appearance on the back of the phone.

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  • AnonD-650492

AnonD-647900, 18 Jun 2017I would love to see this on a phone with Snapdragon in it. why?

  • AnonD-647900

I would love to see this on a phone with Snapdragon in it.

  • AnonD-114756

Xiaomi is chinese yet many people buy it, this has nothing to do with the name. The issue with the Yotaphone was that their marketing was weak and their phones weren't as high spec'd as the price demanded.

  • AnonD-628531

YotaPhone 1 & 2 failed because their specs were not justifiable by their prices at the time of release and after.

Let's hope that the YotaPhone 3 has top-of-the-line specs and a pleasing design (like the YotaPhone 2's design that time).

I really wanted to buy the YP 2, but it was just too expensive for "just an extra screen". My fingers are crossed.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234961, 15 Jun 2017Yotaphone failed because of its stupid Russian name. Would ... morelol, yota sounds better. In the past, when nokia still number one, I often heard people always mocking "samsung" or "huawei" because it sounds bad on their ears, they even didnt know that samsung was from korea, they thought it was another chinese. But look now, samsung, huawei, xiaomi.. those brands, especially with chinese name now in top 10 biggest sales worldwide..

  • AnonD-234961

AnonD-669542, 15 Jun 2017Why hasn't thing caught on? And I'm talking about the full ... moreYotaphone failed because of its stupid Russian name. Would you buy a Chinese "Guangzhouphone" ?

  • AnonD-669542

Why hasn't thing caught on? And I'm talking about the full screen Yotaphones, not this Meizu thing. Seems like full back panel is the way to go.

What were the complaints about the Yotaphones?

Flagship phones should support all the 4G network bands. The End?

  • AnonD-450518

Making use of some unused real estate on the back, don't worry about scratches on the back because most flagships comes with glass backs nowadays.

  • Goury

I think it would have looked better if the screen was across... It would have a nicer effect.

  • AnonD-672759

if it proves to be true, then i think MEIZU is on the right track, while maybe not the best way to incorporate this from a design perspective, this is practical and unique.

Probably for left-handed users, but then for what-handed is made lg's V series?

Useful for phones with fingerprint on the back. I don't really like secondary screens, at least if its not 17inch lcd, their use is limited and every phone got it in different dimensions and places, try to get used to. If I would use something like that, I would put color e-ink on whole back so I can change style to whatever when I want. More than this I would welcome larger/wider front with some ID scanner on the Front. Most brands use lcds/amoleds for watch or secondary screen, there should be reason why...

Tom, 15 Jun 2017You're looking at a secondary screen, that's all, you drama... moreI am sure you will start crying like a drama queen when they reveal the price.
Is this phone not gonna get scratched from back if you place it on some hard surface?
If you like it, ok.
Speak for yourself.

Ritzie, 15 Jun 2017Yotaphone did it first... and yes, there's a market for thi... moreYotaphone was quite different.
Dont tell me.

Well, if it will be as an always-on displays, yes it's okay and so welcome. But none in particular.

  • Anonymous

I want it (but full size like Yotaphone) as a secondary display on all phones. Always-on display will not consume battery, sunlight legibility will be superb, battery life will be fantastic and our eyes will be thankful.

  • AnonD-640318

SohailSays, 15 Jun 2017Oh lord! Who in this world, with right mind came up with ... moreIt's a secondary screen anyway, if you don't like it, then don't use it. It definitely looks weird on white. But they're adding functionality anyway. When you lay your phone with the backside up, you can still see notifications and clock.

  • Anonymous

SohailSays, 15 Jun 2017Oh lord! Who in this world, with right mind came up with ... morethat's a better move rather than doing wireless in everything or making copies of previous phone models

  • Krish

Would be nice to have a ebook reader with e-ink on all mobiles of 5.5"!! or ideally if we can switch seamlessly between e-ink and regular display!!