YotaPhone 3 will start at $350, company confirms

17 June 2017
Specifically, the company said the 64GB variant will carry the $350 price tag, while the 128GB model will set you back $450.

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  • AnonD-694451

meh, still 2 screen. in 2017, if they want to innovate they need at least 3 screen gimmick, because 3 is always better than 2

  • Ivan

I hope then support for YOTAPHONE 3 will be better than now. Hope for more better camera, loudness, clearness...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-628531, 18 Jun 2017Most interesting phones coming out soon: ~ YotaPhone 3 ~ ... more1 will probably launch soon
2 filled to brim with gimmicks and promises. Didn't know Samsung made such amoled displays in terms of spec sheet there are few phones out there with ring LED and stuff. Except 4k amoled and weird display everything is possible
3 vaporware 100%
4 and 5 pretty good ones launching soon enough

  • AnonD-628531

Ritzie, 18 Jun 2017Yup. That's why I'm baffled by what you said that YotaPhon... moreWow you're quite thick aren't you?
He means that the YotaPhone 3 will have similar specs to the OnePlus 5 which is what makes OnePlus special in the first place (awesome performance low price) and it will be in the same price range (probably cost less by the look of things). So in this sense the YotaPhone 3 is already a GREAT competitor to the OnePlus 5, right? Now on top of that the YotaPhone 3 has a unique feature (unlike the OnePlus 5), which is that second screen; and if you don't know how awesome that second screen is...you need to try it for yourself (I fell in love just from watching it in action). So think about it:
- You are faced with the choice of 2 similar devices spec-wise. (As he said the SD 835 is not THAT much better than the SD 660...and I'm pretty sure the 660 is more battery efficient)
- 1 of these devices looks like a carbon copy of an iPhone 7 Plus yet is more expensive (than the other option not the iPhone) and has nothing unique about it feature-wise.
- The other one has a ridiculously useful second e-ink display, covering most of the back...and is less expensive.
- Which one would you choose??
It now depends on build quality tbh.
But if it was me I would go for the second one and save around 50-100 dollars...and get more features.
Do you understand now?

  • Jason Smith

Awesome! Glad to see innovation. I'm a keyboard person myself, and it is sad to see technologies overlooked. Ramming ones fingers into an energy-hogging, shatter-prone brick is no way to live one's life.

I love e-paper and look forward to rational devices that help me see better, longer, or without shattered glass. A keyboard would also be nice...

  • AnonD-674280

Looks like it's going Apple rout with there price and rom. 64GB 350 and 128GB 450. So if there will be a 32GB then it will be 250 ? When 64GB microsd is ~20 euro range and 128GB microsd is ~40 euro range. But do I really need all that power and 2 screens and what not ? My life don't evolve around my brick with screens and I don't use even 5% of the things in there that the device is capable of. So it's more like a vanity item to show off to other people what I have and you don't.

Zero , 17 Jun 2017SD 835 isn't that massively better compared to 660 CPU wise...Yup.
That's why I'm baffled by what you said that YotaPhone will give a decent competition to Oneplus when they're not of the same level (both on paper and on performance).

  • AnonD-628531

Most interesting phones coming out soon:
~ YotaPhone 3
~ Turing Phone Appassionato
~ Brandeis Prometheus
~ Meizu Pro 7
~ LG V30 [from leaks or similar]

Looks interesting...very excited.

  • AnonD-248589

If it still comes with AMOLED I might be interested, phones are so boring right now.

  • Zero

Ritzie, 17 Jun 2017Oneplus 5 using QSD830 vs QSD 660? I don't think there's a... moreSD 835 isn't that massively better compared to 660 CPU wise...

Yota has been an interesting phone device. Niether trying to copy anyone nor trying to kill anyone. It was always unique in its own sense trying to do something different with dual screens and Android.
Designs were unique and highly original in terms of aesthetics.

In india, due to limited availability,I was unable to try my hands on it.

Lets see if third one of line is available in india.

Zero, 17 Jun 2017With Snapdragon 660, they would really give a decent combat... moreOneplus 5 using QSD830 vs QSD 660?
I don't think there's a competition there unless Yotaphone will use the same chipset or better...

  • Zero

With Snapdragon 660, they would really give a decent combat to OnePlus since the Yotaphone is unique too.

The only true competition is Meizu with the Dual Screen.

Mr. Electronics, 17 Jun 2017Lets just hope that with the $350 price tag, it can compete... moreIt won't... OnePlus is unique, and only real flagships can compete against OnePlus, just because of their unique software.

Lets just hope that with the $350 price tag, it can compete with other phones around this price range such as Oneplus 5

  • AnonD-484675


They make Yotaphone every two years or something? Well, three years since the last ones. Cant believe this company still alive.

Waiting with bated breath. . .

  • AnonD-510098