Oppo R11 to be available outside China starting next week

17 June 2017
According to a Weibo post, the Taiwan launch is set for June 21. The device will carry a price tag of around $525 there.

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  • Alljah

Speechless ..i love oppo. My 2 daughter have oppo neo 7 and f1s and my son have oppo joy plus. Amazing ...

Overprice phone, if this available in Indonesia, the price tag will be around $600 - $700

To go from China to Taiwan, the price will increase to another $85 more. Ohh, it's quite substantial for just a short distance (globally speaking).

Almost 3 years since the magnanimous and brilliant USB C was released -this company is still shamelessly stuck with stone age micro usb! Such a pity, get some help folks, come out the sickness.

Seems somewhat overpriced outside of China, although it is nice to see a device utilizing the SD660.

Lmao! Its even more expensive than the OnePlus 3T! Bwahahahaha gtfo OPPO and VIVO!

  • Depressed Individual

White colored front bezels and black lining on the edges of the screen, that's a big NO NO for me.