Sony XB950B1 wireless headphones review

18 June 2017
We test Sony’s newest EXTRA BASS series of headphones.

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Sony resolved the issue of the crap plastic on the Folding mechanism of the phone?

Mr. Nobody, 22 Jun 2017If your into wired earphones I suggest SoundMagic E50s it has al... moreMany thanks

  • Mr. Nobody

Spike1, 21 Jun 2017whats the Best brand/model for earphone/headphones regardless of... moreIf your into wired earphones I suggest SoundMagic E50s it has also emphasis on low frequency so bass in these are as good as you will hear on bass heavy earphones like Beats. If your a purist and want a neutral and balance music like a studio quality sound, go get soundmagic's other variant the E10c . But if your on a wireless headphone, I highly suggest the Sony MDR 1000X.

whats the Best brand/model for earphone/headphones regardless of price?

Trump fan 1980, 20 Jun 2017 Good question. I like both personally.Yep. But I meant what is the best Brand

CAMAROMANIAC3, 19 Jun 2017Ya they have different preferences. But with a neutral sounding ... moreThat's the opinion of the reviewer so don't judge them, same as yours, we have different tastes in sound that's why one of his suggestion is to look somewhere else if you have the same taste as him. Why is it that some peolpe can't understand the the situation. I like sony products and I'm a fan of sony but I have to respect the opinion of the reviewer.

Kinda honest review. Haha. And its my first time reading a headphone review.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2017This review is very contrasting from other reviews. No. Actually... moreVery cold? Why would they give more positive reviews for their devices if THEY feel differently about them than others? It's their opinion. They also disliked my previous phones somewhat and I liked those. But the HTC' One M8 which this site really liked, I didn't like it and sold it after a year.

"People with better taste in sound will have to look elsewhere".

well, i have the XB950BT. i like bass sound... so i have bad taste in sound -_-

  • Anonymous

Trump fan 1980, 20 Jun 2017 I went ahead and read GSM Arenas review of the Sony XZs for the... moreNow if true,,, that's a change for the better if they are truly bein neutral!!

  • Anonymous

Sony Rocks on there wireless head sets!!

Josephkarthic, 19 Jun 2017Im not a basshead but i like the sub bass lingering on any song,... moreDidn't notice they released this. Apparently it can go from no bass to Beats level bass without sacrificing highs and mids. Didn't try it yet. Should be good.­-headphones-around-ear-hd-630vb

And look into their HD series if you want pure sound. Do note, the HD 5##+ models are all open back.

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2017This review is very contrasting from other reviews. No. Actually... more I went ahead and read GSM Arenas review of the Sony XZs for the second time this afternoon. GSM Arena came across as fair and respectful.

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017Don't push your opinion on others. Having no knowledge about sou... more I agree with you. I used to have a negative opinion about beats even before I bought them. Regardless, I bought the beats earphones (corded). I didn't like them and liquidated them. Then I checked out the first beats studio (corded) headphones. I definitely was impressed.

  • Anonymous

This review is very contrasting from other reviews. No. Actually, this site has always been very cold to Sony and has lots of disadvantages to discuss rather than it advantages compared to other sites/reviewers.

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017Beats EP is the cheapest model ever made by beats. Try beats mix... more I spent time using Beats studio. I'm picky about headphones. Regardless, I enjoyed them with several different types of music. I am happy that GSM Arena took time out to provide information about this model. In the future, they may review other headphones for us. I just picked up a pair of AKG tuned Galaxy S8 earphones. Despite primarily bad user reviews on Amazon (of which were in short supply last time I checked about a week ago), I like them, and recommend them. Cheers.

Me, 19 Jun 2017I had these headphones for like 3 months. The sound and bass boo... more I wondered about durability. Hearing from a owner of this model is appreciated.

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2017Listenening hip hop is obvious more tasteless than listening roc... more Is it?

Bebe Rexha, 19 Jun 2017Well, I thought taste is a matter of someone's preference. Neve... more Bebe R. : You just made me laugh, and I like to laugh.Thanks --- no sarcasm either :-) .

Sandeep, 19 Jun 2017I've stopped reading this review just two lines into it, coz of ... more GSM Arena hates Sony? Proofreading maybe, but not Sony.