OnePlus 5 goes official with Snapdragon 835 and dual camera

20 June 2017
Snapdragon 835 is coupled with more RAM and faster UFS storage. And the headphone jack lives on!

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-152758, 20 Jun 2017Why is it cheaper in USA? Conversion rate.

  • AnonD-72449

Bought one immediately after the event was done. Will get to me Friday.

Those bezels :| I'll only consider this for the camera otherwise I'm happy with my s7 edge

  • AnonD-259126

Cheapest in HK i think.......

  • AnonD-152758

Why is it cheaper in USA?

  • Anonymous

3.5mm headphone jack is the best thing. Thank you

  • Anonymous

Android Speedster Oneplus 5 arrived.

  • jerry

Why the hell is it more expensive in Europe?

  • Anonymous

Apple called, it wants its design back

  • Gokai Pink

Hands on na Besh.