Google’s Android O could be “oatmeal cookie”, but could also still be Oreo

23 June 2017
Source code mentions “OC”. What else do you think it could be? One theory says it might be oatmeal cookie. Though, Oreo isn't completely off the table.

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  • Secret

Android P will be Pretzels

  • Indian

What bout Oreo TM owned by Cadbury in India?

  • AnonD-615868

Fayth, 25 Jun 2017i wonder, what will happen after Android Z?Maybe, they will call it Android Zoombie hahaha

i wonder, what will happen after Android Z?

  • Anonymous

Why can't they name something besides cakes.
I guess Google wants people to get diabetes.

  • AnonD-617820

looks weird name and will be forgotten as fast as possible this android O, need to go to Pancake already

  • Ocake

Ocake :) thank me laturrrr

  • Luka

Spare me.. This is a codename for devs. M was mnc (macadamia nut cookie), N was nyc (new york cheesecake). As a news site who reported on these very news one would think you'd know.

  • Anonymous

0 as in zero, because Android is worth nothing until Google fixes its update policy. And yes, it's Google's fault, because they let other companies change their operating system as they wish.

  • Anonymous

O almost lunch but 7.1.1 only view. I don't care name, I care to get faster & longer service like iOS

  • Hello

What a lame name

  • Siraj irshad

No Its Oothappam

  • AnonD-340459

Could even be "Orifice Cream" lol

  • AnonD-415820

OC could be Oreo have to be.. :D

  • AnonD-679538

there was a time when android using product name "kitkat",
"Oreo Cake" for OC maybe ??

  • kimchi

AnonD-668972, 23 Jun 2017As Indonesian I'll voice "onde-onde" as it is a sweet one-bite c... morethats putok in the philippines

  • Sunny

Donut ;-)

i thought gonna be Oreo :/
Oreo is better i think

  • Arakida Momoko

It's obviously...
Orange cheesecake! :D

Or just "Orange", to keep it simple. Then you can go and say:
"Don't compare Apple and Orange!" XD

  • Anonymous

AnonD-674801, 23 Jun 2017Android "Oh f* it crashed again"They are trying to name Android 8.0, not Android 2.3.