HTC U11 is getting new Edge Sense features, teaser video reveals

23 June 2017
The Taiwanese company wants you to know that it's still working on new functionality for your squeezes.

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  • AnonD-669955

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2017I think Htc U11 user should have more sense on the fingers ... moreyou know, it's not exactly easy to accidentally trigger the edge sense function unless you're gripping it hard. you can adjust the strength of squeeze if you absolutely wanna avoid possible accidental squeeze anyway. so far, the only time i've accidentally activated it was when i was trying to squeeze it into a selfie stick, which i need to disable edge sense with the toggle since the grip of that is tight. you really got to try it to understand it's usefulness

  • Anonymous

I think Htc U11 user should have more sense on the fingers to understand their pressure on the edge of the phone, which is a great feature, but the user needs to learn from the immediate way. Activation of the "squeeze" function error / miss button will certainly undermine the user experience. I am sure the firmware must be heavier with all these features added.

Calls will get disconnected a lot accidentally now :P

  • Killer-0

Finally a feature that is really useful. I hope I will work with the music player in the future.

Such a great feature. Will come even more handy in winter. One hand, gloves on. Works everytime and stay warm. Nice. What a classy stunning phone.

  • daryl

absolutely nothing wrong with the phone , been using it almost a month now and i couldnt be happier , value for money and kills every other flagship , and omfg the audio output is just mind-blowing ! props htc you got it right for 2017 :)

  • Lagos

Skiing/snowboarding, all extreme sports really, will never be the same again, no need to fumble, swipe n probe over with gloves like a retard just to open camera or take photos. Just a squeeze and voila

HTC squeeze is frankly one of the most underrated and under appreciated features trolled by all youtube phone reviewers (except Flossy Carter, he's real af) cause they are too jaded (and honestly, don't look like they go outdoors at all) to understand it. smh

  • AnonD-425062

Awesome! I love this phone more and more everyday...
Htc u11 is fast, smooth, good camera, good sound quality, battery life is great, gorgeous looking, nothing wrong with this phone.
I dont know why people hate this awesome phone...

you can send them your ideas, it says in the video :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-411799, 23 Jun 2017why squeeze when you can just tap on the screen.? photos wi... moreZooming with your fingers can be VERY fidgety, this is just another input method. You don't need to lift your phone to squeeze it...dumbass.
"i barely lift my mobile!" ~ but you still have to look up and see where the 'snooze' and 'dismiss' buttons are don't you??? Squeezing means you don't need to raise yourself, you just need to know where your phone is. Squeezing your phone to snooze/dismiss has more similarity to the digital alarm clocks which you hit on the top. So what are you complaining about?
By your logic:
Why double tap to wake when you could just press the power button?
Why press the power button when you could just press the home button?
Why use facial recognition when you could just use Iris Scanning?
Why use Iris Scanning when you could just use your fingerprint?
Why use your fingerprint when you could just type in 4 numbers?
Why talk to Google Assistant when you could just type it?
Why double twist to open camera when you could just swipe to it?

You realise that squeezing the phone only takes ONE hand...whilst zooming takes TWO?
Bet you're just salty because you can't afford it...

  • AnonD-669542

As a U11 user, I'll probably use it to answer calls, and dismiss the alarm. I don't use the calendar enough for that use. The zoom thing is dumb imo.

A great use for it would be to launch the notification screen, but as a third option. Short squeeze = notifications, long = camera, double = flashlight.

At least now, it will be better for HTC to get out the most they can from the Edge Sense after the hype and everything else. And yes, obviously better sooner rather than later.

  • AnonD-628531

So these are different form the home-screen options from before (where you could squeeze whilst on the home-screen but could only assign 2 actions)? You don't have to assign them? If that's the case then cool. Looking forward to more developments of Edge Sense...

  • AnonD-411799

why squeeze when you can just tap on the screen.? photos will zoom at 100% in the center, with fingers you can zoom wherever you want. squeeze to dismiss the alarm? i barely lift my mobile! htc one m7. the last best device from htc.