Gmail will stop scanning emails for ad personalization later this year

23 June 2017
The most controversial thing about Google's free email service is going away in a few months.

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  • jambojao

wish they had a email receive receipt function...

  • Anonym

AnonD-669148, 24 Jun 2017Ads are visual terrorism, making watching TV a total pain, and w... moreAds are also the reason why there is this Internet as you know it, without it everything had to be paid the good old fashion way: with your money, not usage data.

  • senthil

I don't care about ads. I have no such! secrets...

  • AnonD-669148

AnonD-679542, 24 Jun 2017Google email solution less of product to the like of Microsoft :... moreAds are visual terrorism, making watching TV a total pain, and without adblockers Internet would be unusable!

  • AnonD-669148

I do not want to see any ads at all when I read my e-mails, so Gmail is never an option for me!

lol. they are doing it because it doesn't help them much anymore and not due to privacy concerns.

Well, I'm definitely not one of the Gmail haters, I mean for me they can scan whatever they want. But so let's hope that overall it will be better.

  • AnonD-679542

Google email solution less of product to the like of Microsoft :)
ads are cool

Meh, won't make me trust the data-mining spyware any more.

Look how desperate they are to know everything about everyone. Merely for me to make use of my Play Store gift card balance ( ), the spyware is demanding I send them by driver's license and bank statements ( ). GTFOH, not even a local store demands such sensitive information to buy from them.

Their greed for information is only standing in the way of devs getting paid, I still get the apps I want.

  • AnonD-418895

Thank You G!, and it wasn't because of scanning, or what ever else, it was because I had to delete ONE MORE THING, every time...

  • AnonD-79703

Google doesn't need to scan the e-mails anymore to offer relevant ads - they track users so tightly that what they can ascertain about each user is far grater then what they get from scanning hence no need to do it anymore.

Also, anyone thinking that gmail is "free" is a huge ignorant - wake up - gmail is not the product, you are...

I love GMail and never complained about the ads. I love it, because since I use it since the very early stages (you needed an invite - remember?) I threw away any client on my machines. This time, one of the major ways of getting infected was abandoned. No risk anymore of malicious mails, whether they have foreseeable bad attachments (easily ignorable) and malicious code in it.
Even spam got filtered better than any addon I used. So it became my number one mail client.
Sure, I was a bit angry about the fact, that neither ads are gone if you pay for a service, also used for mails. Like the paid additional storage for Google Drive. They could have this done ages ago, but I'm proud, they at least got it done.