Sony Ericsson W660 Walkman

14 Mar, 2007
Today Sony Ericsson unveiled yet another Walkman phone the Sony Ericsson W660. The 3G-enabled device closely resembles the already announced W610 and follows the recent design trend...

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  • sesa

we have it here in hk... probably u have it in singapore... i saw this and i wanted it bvut my step daughter wants it also .. guess she'll get it and ill be back jealous

  • Anonymous

when come this phone?i july,august,september??please tell me hurry up

  • Nadya

OMG. this phone is awesome! the design is PERFECTLY cool. I love it man. But is it sold in Singapore????

  • Anonymous

Great design, cool features

  • erfan

i realy want the maroon w660,how much its cost with memory card 1gb?please i realy want it

  • nikko

i want that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!


its a very beautiful phone sexy look.

  • MMD

Thx kenny, but i knew it, I meant what about SE news in cebit?


L'amour Collection, Walkman edition! haha.

  • kenny

TuK7 (no name) says:
"so what about cebit?"

-well CeBIT is a tech show allowing companies in all types of products to show their to be launched products. as i have heard the CeBIT show on other CE products just began few weeks already.

  • tech-noir

very cute in black but very poor... there is nothing really interesting about that... not even the fashion factor is very strong, just another mobile to forget even before it its the market.

  • Farshad

it is realy beauty phone, possible for me to pay mor than 600 $ for it!

  • Anonymous

so, what abount cebit?!?!

  • faabio

where the hell is flash?? Much more beautiful than w880. This model and w610 bill both be topmodels of sony's phones yhis year.

  • kenny

the CeBIT will tell if SE really heards every single coments in all mobile phone sites. i think the K900 will be released also on that show. but i wish something new and innovative to come at SE especially the UIQ 3.1 phones.

  • jins

Thinking of getting this phone because of the lamour design. What's the specification? Or should i just get a 2nd hand w800i for it's full functionality..

  • win win

Hey come on SE. Better phone next quarter...



  • winger

Hope SE won't come out so many W Series so as not to compromise their ideas. Basically, all their new products specs are almost the same making us feel nothing new about it. Hope they will produce something new to attract new group of people.

  • Anonymous

oh mah lowwwwd!! this is a freekin beuty mate this is soo gonna overtake the w810i

  • Kent

W810 is better than your w800