Sony's IFA press conference to be held on August 31

29 June 2017
As is usual, that's exactly one day before the trade show starts.

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Formally continue the X series

  • AnonD-632062

Nice specs except for the battery and the name! I look forward to their unveiling. Hope Sony will also drop a much awaiting flagship tablet successor to the Z4 tablet!

  • Anonymous

Why not bring out the 8 inch tab? Since the Nougat with multiple Windows playing at the same time, it must be More functional than phalet.

  • Anonymous

Compact version will outperform many flagships due small screen. Also it will have better battery life.

Want to see that flagships/midranges with unique features, of course, other than new camera or processor, or new style with big bezels. Lets see that new X,XZ line they made.

  • AnonD-660035

Just build in OIS (and maybe 16 MP with bigger Pixels) - so many people would immediately choose a smartphone by Sony only because of it's camera. The XZs and XZP are fine smartphones, but when light drops you simply aren't able to get the same details and sharpness in handheld, spontanous situations like from some competitors.

  • HP. Enthusiast

jrharbort, 30 Jun 2017Previous slides showed that Sony plans to announce two new high-... moreMost probably that it will be XZ Compact and surely X1 will not be in there as Sony has discontinued X series.

Sony 3D Face Recognition technology hopefully would be present in these phone. If Sony Pictures is concerned enough, Sony Mobile could produce an "infinity screen" to their new phones.

I will skip on "on screen fingerprint sensor" as Sony might not going into this yet.

Bebe Rexha, 29 Jun 2017It's pretty safe to say that the X1 will not exist, given that S... moreYou're right about that. Perhaps an XZ1+ at 5.6" would be a better option or guess. It could also be an Xperia XA/C/L series.

  • Usme

I hope they have a new design.

  • Anonymous

Sweeeeeetttt Sony 2017!!

  • Anonymous

XZ Compact would be dope and I'll be getting 2 even, if it'll be available that is.

  • Anonymous

Surficial, 30 Jun 2017I'm interested in seeing what the materials of choice will be fo... moreXz1 is glass... Luminous chrome too

  • Surficial

I'm interested in seeing what the materials of choice will be for these.
Press seems to like the xz premiums glass sandwich design, I want to see lots of metal or a sturdy, scratch resistant plastic such as kevlar.
Mil-std would be a nice surprise.

  • AnonD-251354

It looks like they're into it this year. Announcing a phone ahead of IFA it looks like they might surprised us since Z3

Previous slides showed that Sony plans to announce two new high-end phones this year, no more of the 'premium mid-range' phones, so I'm calling bust on the X1. I'm highly anticipating the XZ1 Compact, however. It's shaping up to be everything I want in a high-end compact phone. Here's to hoping Sony doesn't hold anything back this time!

  • kingxperia

Sony might upstage those companies this time around/second half of the year. Plus there latest 3D dept sensing face unlock tech will be unveiled pretty soon. I think sony is very much ahead in mobile phone innovation 2017.

It's pretty safe to say that the X1 will not exist, given that Sony is just focusing now on two smartphone series namely the XA and XZ, the former being a mid range and the latter as a flagship.

We would probably see all flagships only at IFA 2017.
I expect an XZ1 Compact, XZ1, and XZ1 Ultra, the phablet competitor for Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, LG's V30, Huawei's Mate 10, Apple's iPhone 7s Plus / 8, etc.