Meizu A5 launched with octa-core CPU, 8MP camera

03 July 2017
That's a rebranded Meizu M5c for China.

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  • AnonD-632062

The phone is a Meh-zu

  • dave

blu studio xl 2 or this?

  • Anonymous

very bad

6737 is not octa core

  • Anonymous

I will buy snapdragon phone instead of this crap.

  • AnonD-655429

this is meizu m5c -_-

Well, the phone is definitely more suitable for beginners, elderly or young people, or those on a super budget. But we are considering a super affordable phone of just $105/€92, so we have to respect that, and so finally based on that price, the phone is quite recommendable for those interested in buying one of that price segment.

  • Ayy

Meizu A5 India launch??

  • RZ

AnonD-235385, 03 Jul 2017why Meizu love mediatek chip Because Mediatek owns part of Meizu

  • Anonymous

It needs to stop, NOW!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-235385, 03 Jul 2017why Meizu love mediatek chip Are you complaining about a 100$ phone?

  • AnonD-235385

why Meizu love mediatek chip

  • kjun1997

I think this is the Meizu M5c, same specs