Major US carriers are blocking Android tethering apps

04 May, 2011
Android owners in the US wonít be happy about this Ė carriers have started blocking the apps that enable tethering on their phones. Itís a service they charge $15-$20 a month after all, you canít expect them to...

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I have my ways around there detection of tethering .I love screwing at&t just like they screw us . and this is why i dont buy phones from them.

  • Anonymous

just the same as some of the providers over here, you have to buy a tethering bolt on to enable the function, its why the carriers faff with the os releases

  • Yet Another Android

This is crap for the Android device owners even though there will be a way around it soon enough. I just got asked was there an app that could tether and not be charged on the EVO last Sunday. I will be going the MeeGo route. Android's a great OS but I will be on the MeeGo Plane.

  • Anonymous

Isnt tethereing like anabling a wifi access point on youf phone so if you have unlimited data plan other phones with wifi can connect to you and surf the web over your data plan? Its stupid to charge that additionaly! if you got wifi tehtering you paid for it with the price of the phone already. Its yours to do as you please with it.

  • Anonymous

this is real stupid i mean come on what's next are they gonna ask us to pay taxes to breathe

  • :)

free my droid