Sony G8341 and G8441 get listed in Europe priced at 758 and 650, respectively

05 July 2017
The two smartphones might get revealed at IFA on August 31, when Sony has scheduled its press conference.

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  • Surficial

greg, 05 Jul 2017SONY we want real xperia compact!!! Don't dare to use snapdragon... moreAll signs point to sd835, crazy for a 720p screen and should deliver insane battery life.
X compact does well in battery life on a 28nm process.

  • Anonymous

Except screen, XZ1 will be better thn XZP.
Faster and better camera

Let's see then what Sony has in store.

Lets hope its not just upgrade. Even if hi-end specs are good to ears, its not all there is to flagship.

Sony has solved so many issues, the XZ Premium has better battery life than the S8 and LG G6 which was tested by GSMArena and the color accuracy of the XZP's screen is close to that of the S8's OLED.

  • Anonymous

This price is in Poland.
It is higher than in Japan.

XZ1 will be cheaper than XZP.

CPU can be 835 or 836.

  • greg

SONY we want real xperia compact!!! Don't dare to use snapdragon 660 or weaker ! I belive in you !!! Good old Sony.

sony, 05 Jul 2017I'd sill love to get a sony phone. whatever people say, I still ... moreSony used to have great camera but now they sick thier design is good and performance is quite smooth do not trust benchmark those are for max potential your phone will barely hit it

  • PLN brutto

These prices are without vat added to them. So that plus 20%. And top phones are always more expensive in Poland than anywhere else, pricing in other countries might be a little bit different.

  • AnonD-682446

Good Job Son

  • sony

I'd sill love to get a sony phone. whatever people say, I still love their design choices. however, their phones never quite hits the mark in battery life/performance/price ratio for me. not to mention their blunders in the camera department (but at least they're improving.).

  • Hamadar

Great Sony I Just wanna Buy Xperia XZ

  • Anonymous

Can't wait for the unveiling of the compact!

$860? I wonder what feature has this phone?
Coz it a little bit more expensive than XZ and it's price is closer to XZP so i'm sure there's something in here.