LG Optimus Black will hit the shelves in the UK next week

05 May, 2011
he LG Optimus Black should be released in the UK next week. There's still no information on pricing or vendors or a specific date. This was presumably confirmed to Pocket-lint by LGs Product

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  • Razvan

alex, 05 May 2011it's being sold on Orange Romania for 79 on a 24 month 20/month planyou forgot to add the 9.37 euro for the data plan , so in total aprox 30 euros per month

  • Anonymous

what is needed is Dual SIM and a Slider QWERTY

  • Dave

The Optimus Black will also be launched in the Philippines next week with a suggested retail price of Ph19,990 or roughly $470 -- http://yugatech.ph/kBfeAj

  • Dani

Here in france it's in stores since around 2 weeks.
it costs 349 prepaid and offered with contracts.
I have tested it few minutes and it's a nice device, very thin.

  • Anonymous

it's been on the orange uk website under 'coming soon' for a couple of weeks

  • AnonD-151

Finally we have a date!!!I am really thinking of buying this phone and this is great news!!!

  • indo

allredy pwne it, and no offence you two... but you have no idea what you are talking about

  • spiro

it's in coming soon section on t-mobile uk for weeks now.

  • alex

it's being sold on Orange Romania for 79 on a 24 month 20/month plan

  • AnonD-7808

too little...too late.. :(

  • nick

It's LG nuff said, buying it as soon as possible!

  • AnonD-1562

It's LG, nuff said.

  • Jay

How about Asia?