Allo for Web coming soon, confirms Google

10 July 2017
The confirmation came in the form of a tweet from Google's Amit Fulay, who said the application will be made available in a "few more weeks."

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  • Sri
  • kwq
  • 10 Jul 2017

No idea of migrating to Allo from WhatsApp. If they bring desktop access for Duo, then could consider that. Giving the same offer for WhatsApp too for video call :)

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    • AnonD-79703
    • 8CL
    • 10 Jul 2017

    Google message platform? better avoid it because in a bit it will be 'phased out' to make room for two new ones... never again another Google service!

      Awesome! Allo disciple here

        Seems better.

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          • pKg
          • 10 Jul 2017

          Seriously why bother. Kill it and stop wasting time and money.

            Well, only useful if it allow us to login by email address instead of phone number =_=