New Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe update improves camera performance

10 July 2017
It also improves ZenUI, and Bluetooth connection stability.

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  • where are you ?

well asus where are you ? you are roaming with the names of your old phones...
i guess you have nothing to do/give new in recent time...
you are running out of the market...
there was a day when you were competing Motorola like brands even in budget segments.

good bye

Bebe Rexha, 10 Jul 2017I have the Zenfone Max and I can agree a bit. Idk why, but... moreThat's the same issue I found for my FonePad but not sure if it's because the chipset that the FonePad (Intel Zxxx) uses is the main cause (INTEL is known to drain heavily for smartphones) or that it degrades over time...
So far, the Zenfone Selfie is still going strong and runs smoothly....
I really can't point my fingers to which is the cause because the 2 phones are running on different hardware.

Ritzie, 10 Jul 2017Were they able to improve their bloatware and performance? ... moreI have the Zenfone Max and I can agree a bit.
Idk why, but nowadays it randomly slows down or drops frames for no real reason at all.
Currently running Android 6.0.1 with March 5, 2017 security patch level and while I'm impressed with the amount of support that my phone receives, I just can't over at random lags whatsoever.
Even battery seemed to have degraded a bit now, and no longer lasts as long as before, but I have to say that I'm a little more power user now than before.

Slightly better at least.

Were they able to improve their bloatware and performance?
I used to own the Original Padfone, FonePad and the Zenfone Selfie...
So far, the selfie was somewhat stable but it has been consistent among all their smartphone products that the lagginess or sometimes app crash is due to their resource heavy UI.