Galaxy S II breaks all Samsung records, scores 3M pre-orders

09 May, 2011
Samsung already said that their Galaxy S II has been enjoying a very warm reception in Korea and now they published the global pre-order numbers to confirm that the smartphone is on high-demand...

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  • iPad2ipod4giphone4

Anonymous, 10 May 2011This one has already killed iPhone 5 :)Dream on kid, dream on

  • Manu

After so many years of attempting to make a match to the iPhone, claims r that they did so with this monster of a phone. Well, congrats. But what happens when iPhone amps up the hardware to this extent? Again, other companies start the race to catch up. Not a big iPhone fan but this is reality.

  • shane

it's time for galaxy s2, but when iphone 5 relese then there is no demand of gs2 bcoz apple is better

  • Dunkshot32

Please just release this thing in the states already. I keep drooling all over my keyboard and it's getting old. I've had the iPhone and the 3GS too, but this is where I'm headed next. Cannot Wait.

  • Momo

I have ordered 2 gs2 last week.
I wait after the shop to receive it.
The gs is already very good
I wonder how much better will be the gs2

  • AnonD-1444

AnonD-8107, 09 May 2011when is it going to be available in kenya?yeah i already got money in the bank set aside for this phone.Let me know when the beast lands in kenya.

  • Anonymous

This one has already killed iPhone 5 :)

  • itsMe

Hello...waiting for it to release in India...

  • scorsese

a 3.7" version of the screen would do more wonders for the maker. 4.3" is way too large on the hands and on the pocket.

  • AnonD-8120

Looks to me this news more as a commercial for Samsung....

  • AnonD-1862

neeeed one, i would exchange my girlfriend for one,iam getting tired of my nokia n900.

  • Chris

Just played with an S2 and im quite impressed. Samsung rep came to my store (Sydney). Voice activated controls are amazing. writes sms's for you without ever having to touch the phone and the screen is impressive. got the release date for AUS but id rather not say =P

  • Anonymous

The SGS 3 will have dual OS (Android and Bada at the same time,) dual 12mp camera, 8mp front facing camera, dual core cpu, and 3D super amoled screen. LOL!!!!

  • Flow

I want the SGS II but way out of my budget and I just bought a galaxy ace (the lesser cousin). Hopefully I can afford SGS III the next time around

  • AnonD-8116

Now this adds more responsibility on Samsung to have a minimum standard for their Galaxy Flagship phones!!!! and surpass their previous model on all counts

  • TxB

AnonD-8107, 09 May 2011when is it going to be available in kenya?Probably never. Order online, ship from a country that has it.

  • Anonymous

make the galaxy s3 an all alluminum unibody with shutter key
and dual zenon flash. Awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-8107

when is it going to be available in kenya?

  • Anonymous

Really is the king for now.

Hopefully this will encourage Samsung to make the next galaxy (S3) a king as well.

  • YourFATHER

got my GlxyS2 and its the bees knees and I love android.
got LaucherPro on it as I wasnt keen on touch wiz and wanted slightly more HTC feel. Was so easy to do, was just an app download.

most functional phone I have ever had
TubeMate (allows youtube movie downloads as video or MP3)
File Mangers
WifiHotspot & Tethering through default APNs out of the box
DivX/Xvid/FLV etc etc
Unrestricted Bluetooth
SamsungKies WiFi which is a groovy wifi landing page that allows laptops/PCs to access a media pictures and content stored on your phone.
MHL for HDMI output
FM radio (so u dont use your data connection, or if you want to without stuttering the audio stream)
I could go on listing stuff. The bonuses of android and the specification of phone has yet costs as much as an iphone 3GS 8GB in the UK I cant fathom the idiots that still buy the iphones, the most expensive and least functionally capable of the premium smartphones with the shortest warranty.