Essential's VP of marketing has left the company

15 July 2017
And the Essential PH-1 (a.k.a. Phone) hasn't started shipping yet.

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  • Vic

Such kind of projects are all about consuming investor's money rather than producing something. Who is the hell in sober mind believes in idea of so called "flagship killers" ? Time has proved that all such kind of projects are simply BS. Andy Rubin has just traded his name to investors, made a lot of money on that and now they don't even need to release a phone. Even if they do it will be nothing but flop. All current flagships from famous manufacturers are being sold for less money.

1ns0mniac, 15 Jul 2017Its just gonna be another "Nextbit Robin"Hopefully not. Not just for Andy Rubin and staff, stakeholders, etc., but for us (tech enthusiasts) as well. Because the more healthy competition, is always the better. In other words, the more is the better, and not the less.

  • AnonD-638825

This was such an excellent phone, only behind the Pixel itself :(.

Hopefully there's nothing wrong, and that hopefully we'll see the Essential PH-1 sooner rather than later (at least after already these two weeks or so delay).

Its just gonna be another "Nextbit Robin"

  • .alpha

Andy Rubin's Android was a Blackberry clone. The current Android is Google's doing and that's inspired by iOS. Andy Rubin is just trading on his name.

  • Anonymous

Now thats bad for investors and stakeholders

Apparently, there might be some internal problems at the company (politics and stuff) that could be impacting negatively the phone's release