Deal: You can get an ad-supported Motorola Moto G4 for $120

18 July 2017
The phone costs $170, but comes with a $50 gift card.

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  • Anonymous

What about flashing non ad firmware?

  • AnonD-632062

Lockscreen ads? It's almost like selling your soul..... :P

  • Anonymous

What if it start displaying porn ads

  • AnonD-659932

I'd rather take a moto e4 plus without ads thanks...

  • Roy

Disabling those ads is not that much of a hassle.

  • YuccaPalm

Ads on lockscreen? 😂 Wouldn't even take this for free.

  • Kyo

Ad supported phones are a dumb idea and the phones on offer aren't any good either,give an s8 for $600 ad supported still not many will buy.

Okay it is slightly cheaper, but with all those limitations (on dis ads, prime membs, etc) considered, finally it isn't really a great deal.