IDC: Windows Phone falls to 0.1% market share, Android up to 85% in Q1 this year

18 July 2017
Apple is predicted to rise as the next-gen iPhones are released. For now, Samsung is the top smartphone manufacturer.

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  • 20 Jul 2017

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2017windows are only for PC not for phone that's the Truth :) d... moreIt is not rubbish. In fact, I really like to concept , some improvement were still needed but overall it totally ok. The fact of the matter is non of the current OSes for ARM are stable enough. Android is the worst amongst those.

Now what is surprising is that by using UWP all apps that were made for Win10 desktop could have been available for Windows mobile. This is not the case. In fact many apps are not even available for win10 desktop. This is were MS is losing the battle and therir shortsighted attitude is going to cost them a lot.

I like my Lumia 950xl. Still the best choice I ever made buying it in March. It completely fulfills my needs, though some apps are not available, those are accesible through the webbrowser...

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    • 20 Jul 2017

    windows are only for PC not for phone that's the Truth :) don't buy windows phone. that's a trash and rubbish !! HAHAHA !!

      My Windows phone is 3 years old and just received the latest creator's update.
      We are fully aware that the platform will in all likelihood be killed off at the end of the year, but don't care.
      You really need to re-evaluate your life if it revolves around a smartphone and/or having access to Instagram, snapchat or face app. Once suggestion is a getting a real girlfriend.
      A phone is for communicating verbally with someone. Anything else and you have serious unresolved issues that need to be addressed by trained medical professionals

        I use both platforms. Prefer Windows any day of the week

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          • 20 Jul 2017

          who uses windows 7, windows 8/8.1 or windows 10 in their pc/laptop?
          if your a big fan of android change your os now to to chrome os. if your a big fan of iOS then change your os to mac os. drop everything that you used that has a microsoft product if you dont want microsoft. sounds good?yeah cool.
          i do only want a phone for my daily driver like wp and blackberry. im not a into games becuase i do have my pc and console and and a phone that is not for boastful(like look at my phone is the coolest and newest of all) what kind of attitude is that right?

            Marorun, 19 Jul 2017my android 2.3.5 device i got more than 5 years ago can run... moretry a Lumia 950/XL and then comment

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              • 20 Jul 2017

              For whom the bell tolls.
              I really like the Windows Phone operating system but it gets no love from developers nor retailers... Not even from it's own creators. The runt of the mobile phone litter.

                sohail shafayat, 19 Jul 2017Regarding upgrading, have a look at the list of devices get... moremy android 2.3.5 device i got more than 5 years ago can run 99% of all the app in the google play store.

                even a brand new windows 10 mobile device cant run as many app and has the same amount of possibility.

                  Anonymous, 19 Jul 2017I've owned both WP and Android. On the same hardware, Andr... moreAnd windows mobile can do 20 times less...

                    Anonymous, 18 Jul 2017Continuum won't do anything for them without app. support a... moreIf its run a full fledge windows 10 then its can easily support android app ( bluestack )

                      Anonymous, 18 Jul 2017And after they pissed us of with the spyware-happy new wind... more90.55% of world wide computer are using windows OS ( various versions )

                      So nice try :) must be an mac user.

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                        • 19 Jul 2017

                        I say let the Windows Phone fanboys continue with their delusion. "It'll get better next year" or "Surface Phone next year for real!"

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                          • 19 Jul 2017

                          Really embarrassing, a story just to give an apologetic for apple. Simple truth, 85% Android , others and apple 15% , media now paid to deal in apple positive PROPAGANDA NOT FACTS. The shame, who the hech are IDC, that they have been manipulated into, declaring a fact, of a circumstance that has not taken place, in a year that has not yet even arrived. All for the Honest corporation that has a 150m ebook price rigging scandal against thier name and all the tax dodging to the tune of billions reported on this site, so here we have another , set of apple figures to BELIEVE. Na people are buying Android/Samsung and crew like hotcakes at the expense of apple, hand here's a figure to jugle with, a$ple are making 90+% of all the proffit in the phone world out of that tiny percentagevof sales

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                            • 19 Jul 2017

                            sohail shafayat, 19 Jul 2017Regarding upgrading, have a look at the list of devices get... moreActually I am using Android 7.x on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. I did own a couple of Windows mobile phones many years ago and Symbian ones before that. The reason I mentioned the lack of upgradability for WP devices is that, unlike Android (and IoS I believe), a number of apps. for WP are OS version dependent to work at all, specifcally WP10, so not providing updates also serves to kill off apps. support and hence the whole platform all the more, apart from any other concerns. At least not having the latest version of Android does not precudle running apps.

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                              • 19 Jul 2017

                              Indian, 18 Jul 2017When Lumia 520 Launched The Percentage Increased Of Windows... morePart right
                              Windows phone 8.1 was designed with the input of the Nokia team

                              Windows 10 was envisaged to run on ALL windows 8.1 devices as wellout of the box on the 950 / 650 / 550, so if you had a Windows 8.1 phone you would receive the very first Windows 10 update

                              Whatever happened happened without Nokia people my phone recieved 6 updates without incident.

                              The writing was on the wall that Windows 10 was yaers away from being released as testing on Windows 8 devices proved it could NOT run on it!
                              Instead of DROPPING W10 altogether knowing it was flawed
                              and update W8 incrementally.... (
                              Microsoft released this toxic OS (PR the lumia 950 had to have W10 out)
                              Windows 10 has never worked without issue on any device and if you want proof

                              Microsoft pulled everything so they stoped selling lumia 950 / 650 / 550 due to the toxicitiy of Windowm 10. NO Windows phones are being sold anywhere the lumia 950 is less than 2 year old

                              Comparison Samsung exploding Note 7, only the NOTE 7 was pulled not every phone Samsung makes (
                              W10 cannot, and in 2 years still not has been fixed depite the many updates

                              Widows 8 works fine, there is no future for Window 10 in order to start again the surface phone will be a updated Windows 8 OS Microsoft has to step back in order to go forward

                              Microsoft can start selling Windows 8 phones now, what they can't do is offer the upgrade to the 10
                              ALL Windows 8.1 phone that upgraded to W10 developed problems, most have simply reverted back, problem gone.

                              My windows 8 phone works better and more consistently than any W10 device every could
                              The Lumia is well under 50% of the launch price in under 2 years, as it has Windows 10 it would be a waste of money buying it!

                                Anonymous, 19 Jul 2017Why do think it is down to 0.1% and we are all dumb! What d... moreRegarding upgrading, have a look at the list of devices getting android 7 or higher. Only few are getting Nouget. Ok the other hand almost every flagship, even midrange devices are getting Windows 10 creator update. Maybe you are still using android 6 or even older if you have a mid or low end device. Microsoft is not in production since a long time. Why the hell are you comparing W10 mobile with android?

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                                  • 19 Jul 2017

                                  I will keep safely my Microsoft Lumia phone for next 100years & I'll make my mobile's value 100Millions dollar ;) Lumia fan \m/

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                                    • 19 Jul 2017

                                    sohail shafayat, 19 Jul 2017WP/WM10 supports almost every popular apps and it upgrades ... moreWhy do think it is down to 0.1% and we are all dumb! What does that make you? By the way the majority of WP devices currently out there cannot even run WP10 and never will! Thanks for confirming your supreme arrogance and stupidity in writing. You know better than 99.9% of the world and proudly state you know better than every one else and insult others for not doing what you think we all should. What does that make you? Less than smart for sure!

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                                      • 19 Jul 2017

                                      Microsoft has abandoned its desktop OS as well pretty much if you look at the direction it is going. They are turning it into Android so they can serve you ad's, track your data and give themselves permission to use it. The gravy train is over.

                                        Anonymous, 18 Jul 2017So when people purchase something other than WP because it ... moreWP/WM10 supports almost every popular apps and it upgrades every month. It's secured also. I think you know a very little about Windows 10 Mobile platform. You are not that smart...