Xiaomi Mi 2/2S getting MIUI 9, along with long list of devices

20 July 2017
The 5 million users of the 2013 Xiaomi Mi 2 and 2S will be getting Android Nougat with MIUI 9.

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  • AnonD-361638

Leo, 20 Jul 2017Because the post is about China ROM and not Global ROM........ moreI am Sorry but I didn't find "This is for China ROM",in this article.

  • Mi 4i

All phones done......but why not Mi 4i.......to hell with MIUI9 and Android Nougat

  • AnonD-686377

Its mentioned only the China ROM.

I'm using MiPad1. Would there be a global version to be released?

  • Vishu

When mi's new phone will launch under rs15000

  • geeko

Well I have a mi4i with miui lollipop version 8.1.5 on it.I have only one thing to say that go to hell Xiaomi and miui.

  • AnonD-686188

No update for mi4i

  • DYKRocks

No Update for Mi 4i

  • MasEnha

Jst got official Nougat Yesterday and it's still MIUI 8. Looks forward to MIUI 9 and a good news that my phone will have a long life.

It's good to see that some manufacturers still look after older devices with new software and features, I am waiting for MIUI 9 for my RN3P Global Stable ROM....

rizki1, 20 Jul 2017This makes me more eager to buy a phone from xiaomiXiaomi will definitely be happy (haha).

Basically, the more the better.

  • :)

AnonD-685963, 20 Jul 2017Where is Redmi Note 4g? why it is not on list? will it get ... morethey will updated anyways, they don't care about a list they will always make them customers happy, so don't worry, just look at their records, your phone will be for sure.

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2017If the maker of android limited support for 2 years, what d... moreIt doesnt stop others to support old devices

  • AnonD-321277

Xiaomi Sa Fan, 20 Jul 2017Hi I am from South Africa I have a Xiaomi mi5s. I am on gl... moreIn 4hours and 26mins

Nice to see that, however the Android version could've been bumped to 6.0.1 since the Adreno 3xx series support it (and some devices with the SD410 somehow got N so technically the A3xx series can get Nougat)

  • Xiaomi Sa Fan

Hi I am from South Africa I have a Xiaomi mi5s.
I am on global rom,I received the new OTA update (miui 8.5.0

When will I get MIUI9?

This makes me more eager to buy a phone from xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2017What About MI 4iIt says it is the list of devices with china rom.
Mi4i has only global rom, they stopped development on china Rom long ago because it's not sold in china.

  • AnonD-554004

Wilto, 20 Jul 2017Only MIUI 9, no NougatYup, since S4 Pro doesn't support Android N. Probably the thread wanted to state that MIUI 9 based on Android N (not with Android N actually) would be coming to Mi 2/2S. But they reported it wrongly.

  • Anonymous

LG superfan, 20 Jul 2017Samsung, LG, sony, google and everyone else this is how you... moreIf the maker of android limited support for 2 years, what do you expect?