Xiaomi, vivo and Oppo see massive gains in India as the smartphone market contracts for the first time

26 July 2017
These Chinese companies, together with Gionee and Lenovo, control over 50% of the Indian smartphone market.

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  • Rich watarious

Oh Yes, Samsung will move back very soon because all they care most are the flagship phones. They don't do great work on the mid-range. And when they do too the price is very high forgetting there are many great options of phones for lower prices.

  • Anonymous

are there any other good brands there?

  • Anush Patel

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2017Sad to see Micromax completely disappear. I smell Nokia to re... moreMicromax mobiles are either a re brand or assemble parts from China any way?

  • AnonD-305793

You don't have idea what youre talking about!

  • Anonymous

Good K Mi limited on ground
ground iy

  • Anonymous

It's nice to see that people in other countries do tend to buy into the competition as well. Over here at my place the market is 45% apple 45% samsung 10% shared by htc/Sony/Huawei.

  • Marvin

Prometheous, 27 Jul 2017Devices from Apple, Sony and htc appeal to a niche. Those people... moreThe article does not mention Apple, Sony or HTC so i don't see the point of your comment. #layaway #TooPoorForCheapStuff

  • AnonD-142982

and this success has gone to head of xiaomi,they are failing to peobide proper latesr updates as they are growing there portfolio,they are neglecting user feedbacks and astarted ro run rhe show by themselves,selling what they want not selling what user wants,they are on the parh of nokia,ms,leeco they all tried to manipulate market as they reqirwe being arrogant and they are out
wish them all the best and hope they get back on track soon

Devices from Apple, Sony and htc appeal to a niche. Those people won't buy this junk anyway and they are not concerned about how many devices these 3rd grade Chinese companies sell. Use a Chinese phone and then a phone from these reputed manufactures and it immediately becomes apparent why they sell these devices at dirt cheap rates here. I for one, don't even glance at their product pages on amazon or flipkart. If I am low on budget, I prefer to postpone my plan of buying a new phone than to buy this one plus, oppo, vivo or such other worthless piece of cr@p.

  • Anonymous

Congratulations Xiaomi.. Hopefully you will continue with the same enthusiasm

  • AnonD-456831

Zoom, 27 Jul 2017No mi6 in India yet Mi5 out of stock Even when it was only 32g... moreikr? These chinese companies should sell more here since there are also rich people here not just poor just cause india is a 3rd world country.

  • Anonymous

Great achievement by samsung, oppo and vivo becoming topsepsellers with mediocre overpriced phones.
Any company can become top seller by selling best for cheapest cost.
For lenovo, there were no launch in that period. That share was only from Moto G5 plus sale figures only.
Hope K7 note acheive better

  • Zoom

AnonD-456831, 26 Jul 2017And still no real flagships being released here like Xiaomi's Mi... moreNo mi6 in India yet
Mi5 out of stock
Even when it was only 32gb version
Ssly wtz their flagship strategy in India
Evn huawei/honor has released honor 8 pro with a competitive price
Xiaomi still needs to improve

  • Anonymous

Sad to see Micromax completely disappear.

I smell Nokia to reach top 3 at least next year.

AnonD-680522, 26 Jul 2017xaiomi have a good approach till this momentYeah...

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-682657, 26 Jul 2017Haha iphone is nowhere near to top 10 in India and China (not in... moreApple never been interested about marketshare, Apple only sells mostly high end phones with big price tag, iPhone is number 5 in China by the way, collecting millions of sales every q. Propably company which does most money from mobile companies in China.

First of all, as almost usual, well done to Samsung for leading the Indian market (in this case). But to Xiaomi as well for the second place and to the others consecutively. Additionally, within a month or so, maybe we'll even see a little increasing, etc. Because Samsung will launch the Note 8 and so most probably it will keep holding the flagship segment, but on the other hand, Lenovo will launch the K7 Note, and then after a while or so, Xiaomi will launch the Redmi Note 5, and maybe even the Redmi Pro 2, so probably they will keep holding their respective positions, and probable increasing even more. But then, as far as tough competition goes, it will be the turn of Vivo and Oppo, etc., to do something in regard, the mid- range (& premium) and entry level too. We'll see then (interesting).

  • AnonD-456831

And still no real flagships being released here like Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 and Mi Max and its future Mi Note sequels as said by Hugo Barra about our country not being able to afford them or being poor. Same goes for ViVo's Xplay series when Shen wei said they won't be released here in india but instead we're being treated to a multitude of "selfie" low to mid range smartphones.

  • Coreg

Oppo and vivo are the same company smh

  • Anonymous

Perhaps now Samsung will stop being so lazy, arrogant and complacent and snubbing certain regions.