Deal Alert: Google Pixel and Pixel XL now start at $420 ($399.99 refurbished) through new deals

27 July 2017
We're definitely seeing more and more price cuts for Google's handsets as we get closer to the unveiling of their successors.

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  • Anonymous

$400 for a refurbished phone is too much. Unless it's the iPhone because Apple fans love to flaunt the Apple logo never mind if some refurbished components become defective again. The Google logo doesn't command as much prestige and flaunting value as the iPhone so it's the worst investment in a refurbished phone I can imagine.

  • AnonD-647900

Why Verizon though smh

  • Anonymous

still overpriced as what other comments mentioned. By now, it is better for you to wait for Google Pixel 2, which expected to be released in few months from now, or buy other latest android devices with SD835.

Very good deals for all those interested.

  • SnoobDOgg

smoke weed pixel 420

  • Anonymous

Slightly cheaper in Canada, 500 and 600 CAD

  • Anonymous

Too+So+Huge+Much much+Very overpriced even for this refurbishment or refurbished or something like those