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30 July 2017
And written one too.

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Nice, if it weren't too expensive. The price is not far from an S7. It is too expensive compared the Redmi Note 4 where the its only weakness is the LCD display. If I were to price this, I will put this just slightly above a Redmi Note 4 because it is newly released and some added cost of the Samsung brand.

    In just 3/4 brief points: if it is worth it the upgrade from the last year's model, basically I agree with the video. If it is worth it compared to the other same mid- rangers from the other major brands (LG, Sony, etc.), It's a quite valid option (or we can say yes). And compared again to the same midrange segment, but this time with the (economic) Chinese brands (Xiaomi, etc.) No. But overall yes it is a quite valid option (for those interested in in this particular price-to- performance segment).

      Mmmmm i think i like her, jajajajajajajajaja

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        • 31 Jul 2017

        is this phone also called samsung galaxy pro?

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          • 31 Jul 2017

          she is speaking too fast :(( !!! as if somebody is running after her! this is not the first video review talking too fast

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            • 30 Jul 2017

            AnonD-632062, 30 Jul 2017Check out the person crossing the road in the bicycle aroun... moreI was thinking about the same thing! Haha, penalty for the biker! :D

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              • 30 Jul 2017

              Check out the person crossing the road in the bicycle around the 3:27 mark!