AT&T confirms Galaxy S8 Active is on the way, still won't make it official

02 August 2017
The carrier lists this yet-unannounced handset as one of the eligible smartphones for a special offer.

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  • 03 Aug 2017

It would be a good phone, but being AT&T ruined it, especially with AT&T locking their device getting update if you're not on their network, which is amazing they can get away with thanks to useless FCC.

    I'd love to swap my S7 for S7 active or S8 active, since I'm using it in a rather big case anyway. But I'm more likely to swap it for LG Q8 because of the DACs - I loved LG G2 music output, but I find S7 to be "meh" at best. That audio customization mode helps but helps a bit too much, I'd say, and there's no way to scale it down to 50% or 30% power.

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      • 02 Aug 2017

      Why so much attention to this phone when its only for ATT customers ?????? I would prefer this version more than the regular S8. It has great build, great battery and the 18.5:9 aspect ration does not look that weird on flat screen phone. The S8 devices really look very very narrow and tall. LG G6 look is much better for full screen displays.