Weekly poll: which screen type do you prefer, LCD or AMOLED?

06 August 2017
Quantum dots are also in the running, but (unfortunately) eInk is not.

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Is nobody aware of amoled's hidden flickering? Nobody says anything about PWMs? (pulse width modulation? Deep blacks are good in amoleds but everything else is better in a IPS LCD

  • AnonD-345931

ithehappy, 07 Aug 2017It shows who is the uneducated or whatever. Most accurate monito... moreSo Displaymate was obviously lying when then said that SAMOLED is the best display out there. I'd like to see some factual evidence to support your claim as I've showed you mine. If you can't, then don't even speak to your betters like this ever again.

kupfernigk, 06 Aug 2017No, because life expectancy is important too. Sony quantum dot d... moreOooooh, very very good point. Sorry I forgot about all the factors lol I don't know that much about displays

  • Really

imRGZ, 08 Aug 2017Yeah, people are really blind if they don't buy your burn in the... moreI had the most minor possible burn-in on an old school Galaxy Wave, visible on grey background (the easiest to spot). That was 8 generations of OLED ago.

Having used the S6 for almost 2.5 years now, there is 0 burn in, and I was quite paranoid and did the burn-in test with greyscale slideshows etc. As a side note, I was also worried about the battery, as it's built in and I'm at around 800 cycles in, but that thing is really holding on much better than expected, being at almost 80% of original capacity, and that's after 2.5 years, including last year of Pokemon Go, lol. Those things are much more durable than I had expected.

Back to subject matter, I would never go back to LCD, sadly, no matter how great the phone is otherwise. It's just too big of a deal to go back to. I don't care if it's Samsung or anyone else, it just has to have a modern OLED screen.

  • AnonD-39937

Androidloveralways, 08 Aug 2017Lol. Almost every reviewer has said that the screen of z2 is LCD... morehttp://www.androidauthority.com/xperia-z-ultra-t­riluminos-x-reality-234908/
do you believe Android Authority??????

  • Anonymous

AnonD-261377, 08 Aug 2017It is not theory, it is fact, well documented explained by exper... moreYeah except that's a lie. You're so transparent here lol

  • AnonD-261377

imRGZ, 08 Aug 2017Yeah, people are really blind if they don't buy your burn in the... moreIt is not theory, it is fact, well documented explained by experts, recognised and explained by manufacturers Samsung, experienced by numerous users and filmed photographed. Now you try to do what? Tell us you as irrelevant nobody will convince all are wrong based on your empty talk...you are really something...I almost feel sorry for you...

AnonD-261377, 07 Aug 2017There are LG amoled screens that use AMOLED as single pixel back... moreYeah, people are really blind if they don't buy your burn in theory. I couldn't find any burn in or whatever degradation a screen can have in 28 months of heavy usage of S6E.... I faced only one issue with its screen.... Lack of screen protectors... So i won't buy your theory that all Samsung's AMOLEDS get burn in within few months. My iphone's motherboard died after 15 months of heavy usage, so can i use your same logic and say all iPhones will have motherboard issues and they will die within few months so no one should buy it or they are Inferior? LOL. If your phone has an issue get it replaced or if you do not like AMOLEDs, then don't buy.

  • AnonD-623516

only quality matters and here is why, I used a OP 3 and thought wow finally amoled and then that phones' display was utterly trashed by even samsungs old S5 display, now I use a Quantum dot display on my XZ Premium and the difference is night and day, the LCD outclasses the amoled in every way, but then again samsungs S8 display would be better than my Sony display, it's not depending on which technology but the quality of the display

AnonD-39937, 06 Aug 2017I owned a Sony Xperia Z2(made in 2014) which had Quantum dot...Lol. Almost every reviewer has said that the screen of z2 is LCD IPS.
Now I don't know whom to believe- A random person or popular reviewers.

  • Anonymous

LCD or LTPS LCD!? Which is one better?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-345931, 07 Aug 2017I can't believe some people still believe that LCD is better tha... moreI can't believe that people still believe that AMOLED is better than LCD. At least not in every way. When I and some of my friends prefer using LCD cause they are smoother than AMOLED it shows a technical downside of this technology. Some people are more sensitive to screen flickering than others and even a Galaxy S7 screen appears to me like a low resolution LCD. I really hope that future AMOLED will be better in this regard. Don't believe everything you read. Trust your own eyes.

  • Samarth N8 808

I selected "Only Quality matters", because a mobile phone is not just display, its a collection of other tech aspects too. You can never get the right setup in one phone.
I like AMOLED, but suppose other features are better in a phone with LCD, then what?
So, its not a priority. Quality should be there though, as per the segment.

  • Anonymous

LCD for me. Because it is more durable and colours are natural.

  • AnonD-674238

AnonD-521587, 07 Aug 2017its not wrong. amoled saves batter when displaying blacks and bu... moreThank you

  • AnonD-674238

Vineet290, 07 Aug 2017Really??? You need to learn so much about display technology.hush..you just a samsung fan...you're a fan of a brand not fan of tech

  • Anonymous

LCD because of the glare.

  • AnonD-237381

I prefer AMOLED due to the perfect blacks, but burn-in and color banding on this display tech is still a problem.

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 07 Aug 2017You can change colour tone to real life, amoled is most accurate... moreI want it looks natural not punchy color only, that's why I don't use super vivid mode, I only activate the X-reality engine for mobile.

  • Simon

ithehappy, 07 Aug 2017It shows who is the uneducated or whatever. Most accurate monito... moreNonsense. They are simply not popular or reasonably priced because nobody gets good yields on monitor-sized OLED panels. The large OLED panels go where the money is - TV first. Monitors will come later, and as with everything that OLED came to, they will completely phase out current high end monitors.

It's already starting. The Dell 30 UltraSharp is the first modern OLED monitor, and it's the one to have if you're a designer.