YotaPhone 3 press renders leak alongside specs

09 August 2017
There is a 5.5” AMOLED panel on the front and a 5.2” E Ink display on the back.

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  • Ron Jeremy

No, please not the AMOLED... That's dealbreaker for me...

  • Will

Question is can you remove the battery. If it completely locks up you cannot remove the battery or replace the battery as get older and stores less charge.
Yotaphone 2 processor is OK, so I am not worried there. Besides the battery the Camera was the component that let the phone down the most and lack SD card slot, which looks like its fixed. A mid range phone makes sense, a $700 phone are a of bit nonsense really, its soon out of date and who wants to keep old scratch phone anyway, once it been dropped a few times. $350 is a sensible price, which means I will probably upgrade, even though my Yotaphone 2 is less than year old.

  • AnonD-628531

AnonD-681003, 10 Aug 2017i am already using yotaphone 2, dont expect that much batte... moreAny problems with your YotaPhone 2?

  • AnonD-681003

kammem2, 09 Aug 2017my pebble 2 has only 80mah and it lasts 7 days:)) so imagi... morei am already using yotaphone 2, dont expect that much battery backup .. you have to charge it for every 12 hours .

  • AnonD-681003

i am not expecting a mid range phone from yotaphone, i am expecting a flagship phone from yota better ram and better process and a better battery . design is not impressive .

Waited for this sooo long!

  • Max

Dammit! I'd totally buy it at that price but I'm not feeling like importing it form Tuvalu or something... will it come near the EU at all?

Of all the chipset at that price range, why not use QSD 650 to 660 at least?

I am looking forward to this!

I remember first two on gsmarena news, was with flagship innards and high price, didint work, going midrange route now

  • AnonD-628531

f i n a l l y

my pebble 2 has only 80mah and it lasts 7 days:)) so imagine 3200 mah would last at least 20 days full use:) but i guess we cant use full functions such as calling, messaging, surfing and other basic things

Ahong Surahong, 09 Aug 2017With that battery size, I'll be surprised if the endurance ... moreDepend on what you do on it.
If you only use the E-ink screen you gonna have easily 10 time the screen time of any others smartphone on the market.

  • Anonymous

Who wants a SD625 device in € 350 price range. Only Russians will buy it because it's developed in their home country

  • Arya

At least use sd630 or 660...
I know sd625 is great processor and he prove itself...
Sd660 is little costly but sd630 work awesome...
There only few changes over sd625 but latest technology is always good...

  • Ahong Surahong

With that battery size, I'll be surprised if the endurance at least decent. I'm guessing less than 72 hours in GSM Arena rating.

  • AnonD-282854

Martin, 09 Aug 2017Yota is better than Meizu Pro 7.Do explain how?

  • Martin

Yota is better than Meizu Pro 7.