LG V30 to feature the world’s widest aperture on a phone camera and TouchSense haptics

10 August 2017
The main camera module in V30 includes an F/1.6 lens (a first for LG), which delivers 25% more light to the sensor compared to an F/1.8 lens.

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It's really just a vibration motor, even old phones have it.
Apple just used it contextually.

It's "ancient" technology imho, it just recievend new purpose.

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2017I agree .. My Xperia has 24mm lenses.. It is very wide, not ... moreXperia Z5's digital zoom is amazing, what are you talking about?

Ovalscroll, 10 Aug 2017Dude are you blind!!! They said smaller module not sensor.Somebody needs a technology lesson here kiddo..

"A camera module is an image sensor integrated with a lens, control electronics, and an interface like CSI, Ethernet or plain raw low-voltage differential signaling"

  • .alpha

Copying Apple with the 3D Touch haptics feedback huh

Saving money for my 3rd V series !

  • ddd

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017TouchSense Haptics seems goodTouchSense haptics should be killer feature which any other phone doesn't have yet.


  • Buli buli zeamon

Hehe..waiting to reinvention since 2013..start from lumia 720 with f/1.9..

  • Anonymous

Color reproduction doesent matter when your post processing is over saturating everything. Turn it off. Grass looks like sushi green salad, and when you focus on the sky, the grass turns normal. And these color shifts can happen 10 times in a video, its painful to watch.
Turn it off please.

Unimpressed. Plastic lenses are used as they can be more precise than glass lenses due to size.
A large aperture is fine if the camera sensor is also large. If this camera sensor is still 1/3" then it will have problems shooting in good light as shadows will have too much noise as shutter speeds will be very short due to the fast/bright lens.

  • Xerxes

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017A f/1.6 lens is useless when the sensor is small. If the V30 has... moreWhat about Nokia 808? It has larger sensor than L7mia 1020.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017So, do you believe U11 dxomark review? If yes, there will be do... moreAt least they do all the tests. They want to know which can do better at full potencial.
Not best for point and shoot auto mode.

Auto will never be half as good as manual.
Sites usually only turn to manual if they want HDR on.
Phones has differents Shutter Speeds, ISO Values and lenses' angle.

Narrower angle lenses phones have advantages due to object is " closer".

Tests have many issues

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017Wide angle camera is useless. If you want to take pictures of hu... moreI agree ..

My Xperia has 24mm lenses.. It is very wide, not super wide like LG's.
It bothers me because it makes objects kinda far. If object is 5m , it seems to be 12m.
And digital zoom should not even exist.

Cant take a nice shot of Full Moon because it looks so tiny due to wider angle lenses.

  • Anonymous

Hope daylight shots do not come out fake colors like G4.
Hate that some OEMs use higher E.V on auto mode.

Example: iphone7 has same f1.8 of G6 and is not washed out.

Same happens to S7/S7e: sky is too light blue, asphalt light gray, gray monuments get almost white.

P.S I do not own iphone, nor even like it....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017Of course they don't talk about that like the G6, V30 might have... moreG6 has 1/3.05"

It is small already.

Small sensor = small pixel

30% smaller model than v20, doesn't sound promising

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017Wide angle camera is useless. If you want to take pictures of hu... moreIF stuff move around your panorama will look like crap..
just saying.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-685827, 10 Aug 2017I guess we will see about the screen size, but it surely will no... moreWide angle camera is useless. If you want to take pictures of huge scenes or objects you can use panorama mode with the main camera. Panorama mode replaces the wide angle camera. Monochrome camera adds absolutely no value to the pictures. It doesn't improve the color photos. And nobody wants black and white photos anyway. Even the monochrome photo doesn't have more details. The zoom camera is not meant for portrait photos. It is meant for capturing far objects or scenes.

The dual camera concept is just gimmick. The secondary camera is always inferior to the main. It usually means no OIS, worse aperture, less details etc. Maybe it's cheaper for phone manufacturers to release phones with dual cameras than to improve the actual main camera and release a phone with good single camera. For the price of the second camera, they should use that money on single camera with the latest and greatest quality.

Even if you want wide angle or zoom secondary camera, phone manufacturers should offer a lens cover like what is available for Galaxy S7 and Note 7. And this way you have all the advantages and same quality of the main (single) camera.


  • Low Light

Letting in more light is always good especially in low light conditions.

But there's risk of getting overexposed in an environment with lots of light e.g. a bright sunny day.

That's when OIS and software post processing comes into action.

I reserve judgement until I've seen comprehensive camera tests, preferably compared with the Note 8, iPhone 7/7S/8, Xperia flagship running Android O released later this year.

The next big improvement for smartphone cameras... make them good enough that they can replace GoPro cameras..

  • AnonD-685827

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017Since G6 has small sensor, it'ts very likely that V30 will have ... moreI guess we will see about the screen size, but it surely will not be as small as some speculate. As for the secondary camera, wide-angle is great for taking pictures of huge scenes or objects and if what LG say is true, this will be the best wide-angle camera on a phone yet. As for the monochrome one, it can add to the sharpness of the main one if used properly and usually has more pixels than the color sensors. The zoom one is good for those portrait pictures, but I am really not a fan of them and I also would prefer more pixels than just zoom. BTW, I absolutely agree about 1 great camera being better than 2 mediocre ones. I also cannot understand why phone makers do this (other than Google with the Pixel), just put a bigger single camera on. It will probably even look slicker on the phone than 2 circles eyeballing you all the time :D

But again, I am just hoping for the best here as I really want a new phone already :D

  • Ovalscroll

DenisXD, 10 Aug 2017I wouldn't fall for this. They said it's a smaller sensor so, ho... moreDude are you blind!!! They said smaller module not sensor.