Sharp treats us to a waterproof 16MP Android clamshell in 3D

20 May, 2011
Prepare to feast your geeky souls on one of the hottest Android devices you have ever seen. Sharp has just unveiled the waterproof AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID 007SH (a mouthful indeed) with a 16MP...

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  • Anonymous

Too bad they nearly never sells any of the japanese clamshell phones outside Japan.... they look pretty awesome

  • Anonymous

abc, 21 May 2011the japanese language is easier to input and they don't require... morejapanese character are not easy to input. I'm not sure if you are aware of Japanese character which are similar to chinese language. Not, only there are tons of characters (kanji) they are also coming out with new characters everytime with different use depending on the combination of the characters.

  • Petey

I guess they could all really use waterproof phones at the moment.

Please, 21 May 2011First for photos quality and sharpness. MP it's modern that enou... moreDon't worry, because this Sharp could kill Nokia easily! :D

  • AnonD-1034

even this SHARP will kill nokia, in its all aspects

  • Arctura

if it sells worldwide i will happily buy it,,,i like japan clamshell phone, the design is very different with other clamshell phone

  • Anonymous

Great idea, working in a phone shop alot of people ask for a flip phone and at the moment the there is no flip phone that can be sold on a contract, to offer this as an option to customers would be able to convert them from the traditional retro nokia

  • ACR

This phone is useful in the shower and don't have to worry about dropping it in the toilet.

  • Please

First for photos quality and sharpness. MP it's modern that enough!
And for future phone camera makers must OVERTAKE Nokia N8 quality.
So please do it!

  • Anonymous

nice ....

  • AnonD-1550

Come on Sharp, people outside Japan want this phone too :( ... sell it in Europe- more money for Sharp and everyone's happy!

SFAN, 21 May 2011What do you mean it only works at Toronto area? You mean the wif... moreSorry. I mean that some Sharp phones can be FULLY unlocked in the Toronto area. :)

  • SFAN

Mobilemaster, 21 May 2011I suppose that it has 512 Mb of Ram. By the way this is for Japa... moreWhat do you mean it only works at Toronto area? You mean the wifi? Wifi depends on the channel ports. Did you mean the phone network for sharp phones? I think you can unlock it through micro sim, but the media probably won't work since it's specifically made for the Japanese market.

  • Anonymous

the problem with sharp and other japanese phonemaker is their inability or refusal to market their products outside japan. they must act fast coz japanese market is getting smaller and the economy is in recession while samsung, lg and htc and also chinese phonemaker are growing at fast pace. soon we might see all japanese phonemaker close shop.

AnonD-9022, 21 May 2011Any info About RAM size and proc ?I suppose that it has 512 Mb of Ram. By the way this is for Japan only! You can bring many Sharp or Fujitsu phones, but the Wi-Fi will NOT work. It will work only in the Toronto area. The GPS will not work as well as I know right. The One Seg TV will not work too. :(

  • Mmajta

hehe I am going to get this phone next month cuz my softbank 2yr contract expire this month!!! Actually I ve been wondering which phone I should get next so hard as there arent many to choose from in Japanese phone market nowadays, but Now finally they made it :) Design? hmm a OK, 3D? lame, a bit too heavy? dont care, clamshell? Oh yea, 16M snapper? Yum, it s from Softbank? Love it.

  • AnonD-9022

Any info About RAM size and proc ?

  • AnonD-9022

Yahoo this is what i waiting Calmshell Android

  • AnonD-1311

ralphie02, 21 May 2011is the post suppose to say 16MP or 6MP? i just saw engadget and ... moreengadget commenters say it's 16MP. But engadget ain't correcting it.

  • abc

the japanese language is easier to input
and they don't require 3.5"+ screen for touch-qwerty

sharp makes phones for the isolated japanese market
their market is focused on Feature phones and years bak, were still way more advanced than ours, when everyone use to hav classic nokia's, and v3 razr's

until we began to shift to smart-phones
develop innovative software, produce more computer-like phones

but there a still some nostalgic touchscreen haters, who won't accept that our smartphones (iphone,android,galaxy etc.) are the future. They think that a phone should only serve its purpose to make calls, and occasionally email. They think everything else is a fad...