HTC EVO 3D price revealed: $200 with a contract and $500 without

23 May, 2011
Sprint, BestBuy and Radio Shack have been taking pre-orders for the HTC EVO 3D for a while now, but only we learn the pricing of the device. A leaked ad confirmed that the new HTC flagship will go for $200...

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  • Anonymous

really Ashtonished Hows it possible......
Is it true friends

  • Anonymous

here's my question might be dumb but in the flyer it says 499 with no contract and 199 with contract but why would it not be 449 just like all the rest of the phones and 199.... this means your $150 upgrade would bring the price to 349 then another 150 dollar savings to get to the $199 instead of being 449-150=300-(regular $100 saving)= $199.... I dunno but has there been more than a $150 instant savings before i thought it was like 50 to 100...

  • 3dfan

I hope to see GSM version of this phone in India within june 2011, I cannot wait(I know that's not going to happen). If the news about 500$ price is true, then this entire world needs to thank HTC to make this kind of Great phone available to medium-budget customers. This is my dream Phone.

  • dhonkalo

i hope when it will released... 1

  • Seyha

Mobile City Online has posted the device at a sticker shock-worthy price of $700. It lists the retail price as $800. Of course, this is for an unlocked version of the device which means it's open to multiple carriers and doesn't require customers to sign a contract.

  • TGeorgeMihai

AnonD-9172, 23 May 2011What? 256MB internal memory? Is this for real?What are you talking about ? It has 4GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM ...

Anyway, 500$ it's a damn good deal, means 356.15 for an HighEnd tech phone ...

Probably it's only a matter of time until HTC or Samsung detronates Nokia.

  • AnonD-9172

What? 256MB internal memory? Is this for real?

  • henc

Can't wait for gsmarena review!

  • YAAY

At $500 and with great specifications, it is way cheaper than the Nokia Symbian. No wonder why Nokia is doing bad in the smartphone scene.

  • Flea

$500 FTW!!!!
That's really a bargain!
Hope the price will be the same for GSM version.

  • AnonD-9161

What just 500 $ thats shocking....Its a steal..I hope HTC launches it in India soon with that price or something very competitive....and this one will blow away the competition...thats a great spec sheet yaar...Love it....I'll wait

  • blade

Once again another great phone by HTC an once again the UK is still being offered HTC rubbish that is way behind its US counterpart! When will HTC learn to have more respect for UK an EU market. HTC treatment of these markets is disgusting!!!!!!!!!! I was an HTC user in 2009 and love the phone but have not an will not get another one until HTC offer there best phones to all. Thank you to others on this site for opening my eyes to this.

  • nams

$500??? isnt tht too cheap??

  • AnonD-7798

For 500 $, this is unbelievable ... the spec sheet is so awesome..

  • Anonymous

Good for the Americans but I want to it be brought to Europe more specifically the UK. I hope to see you GSM cousin soon

  • Anonymous

always wanted a 3d htc and i think this may be it :D

  • Anonymous

for 500$ without a contract, it looks to be a complete steal imo.

  • Spicoli