Telus starts taking pre-orders for the Essential Phone [Updated]

14 August 2017
Those pre-ordering the device will get their unit by September 1.

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  • Anonymous

D2D got a review unit for this phone. He even reviewed it... check that out in FB .. it's not a crappy phone

  • Gibby

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2017700$? For what? For this crap?It's not crap.
But no wireless charging, headphone jack, expandable storage is a no for me. I prefer a decent camera too.
Accessories are just a gimmick to extract more money from you.

  • Anonymous

SamC, 15 Aug 2017US is selling for $699...700$? For what? For this crap?

  • Anonymous

SamC, 15 Aug 2017US is selling for $699...It charged 18% premium.

It's not network locked because of the new CRTC law. Now all phones shall be unlocked for free starting in December. Obviously they don't want to bother unlocking them later.

  • SamC

US is selling for $699...

I just pre-ordered the phone. They wrote that the shipping is between 3 to 4 weeks.