Asus drops six new ZenFone 4 models

17 August 2017
Two ZenFone 4, two ZenFone 4 Max and two ZenFone 4 Selfie.

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Anonymous, 21 Aug 2017Lol, Did you know that the Whole Zenfone 3 Series is now on... moreAnd you know this how? I suppose you own all Zenfone3 models and saw with your own eyes that they were upgraded to Nougat?

By having 10 bazillion models with the same name and same looks, Asus makes it harder than it has to be for me to choose which model suits my needs. My time is extremely valuable, no fooking way I'm wasting a huge amount of it just to figure out which Zenfone4 is which. Fook you Asus!

There are plenty of good phones from other vendors to choose from that doesn't require a huge time investment on the customer's part.

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KeyserSoze, 18 Aug 2017Way too many phone models mean OS updates will be very few ... moreLol, Did you know that the Whole Zenfone 3 Series is now on Nougat (7 or 7.1) ?
Zenfone 3 Zoom or Zoom s - OS 7.1
Zenfone 3 Laser - OS 7.1
"" "" " MAX(Both) - OS 7.1
"" "" " Deluxe 5.5 and 5.7 - OS 7.1
Zenfone 3 5.5 and 5.2 - OS 7
Zenfone 3 Ultra - OS 7

Asus know now is Maturing .
Just be Positive

  • Anonymous

Then whats the Zenphone 4 Max Plus model listed in GSMArena?

  • AnonD-504554

AnonD-26314, 18 Aug 2017Fingerprint reader should be on the back, why have they reg... moreThat probably means that Asus won't be joining the bezel less bandwagon anytime soon..

  • 123

the pro and selfie are amazing! pro - best of everything
selfie - good value for amazing camera (this works for the other new zenfone 4 models as well but my fav are pro and selfie)

  • AnonD-26314

Fingerprint reader should be on the back, why have they regressed? Even Samsung has moved it although they did it late so had to make do with an awkward rear position.

  • Anonymous

Sony Fanboy Bitches, 17 Aug 2017The nasty Samsung Style Home Button. Can't they get such m... moreWhy don't you using an ASUS phone when you are such a Sony fan? Get the XZ Premium already.

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Harsenik, 18 Aug 2017I am relating FACTS ppl are saying tthe desing of the i... moreAren't beauty and ugliness subjective qualities? There is no wrong answer, right?

Don't they also say: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?

  • Harsenik

[deleted post]I am relating FACTS

ppl are saying tthe desing of the iphone est the uglyest one... but as far as I know This Zenphone pretty much Look like an Iphone but the design is awesone?!?! its doesnt make any sense...

  • Panji

I realy like zenfone 4 pro but I prefer the wide angle camera than telephoto camera.

  • Harsenikl

Its so funny how ppl hare happy about that phone and say Nice come back blah blah blah!!!!
No design Bashing?!??! it look like an Iphone to me (from the outside...) and ppl dont say shit about the desing... its is sooo pathetic...

  • hmm hmm

zenfone 2 look so original asus phone model, but this look more like samsung phone from the front n look like all mainstream chinese phones from the back

  • S

Glad Asus use wide angle lens for the sec camera(but 4 Pro use telephoto lens) since telephoto lens quite mainstream nowdays. Hope other company do this.

  • AnonD-147393

Also u will get 20 junk bloatware apps with pathetic UI having bunch of unnecessary features with automatic location On capability to reduce ur battery life. Even startup can do better job in Software department.

  • AnonD-691251

The zenfone 4 backcover is like zenbook backpanel and the asus logo is on the middle.

  • Masterman

Can someone explain to me what Asus's strategy in the smartphone market exactly is? It seems they are producing dozens of phones per year and you have a hard time telling the phones apart not just from each other but from offerings of other brands. Yet they never seem to have any traction in the market.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2017What a boring Asus 2017 phone lineup. All six phones lookin... moreWhat if I told if ASUS just moving fingerprint sensor on Zenfone 3 back body to Zenfone 4's front body.

  • Bezel too thick

The bezel at upside and bottom are too thick, make it ugly and make it taller than other 5.5 inch phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2017What a boring Asus 2017 phone lineup. All six phones lookin... moreOk let me correct my post below... All the other 5 models bore me to death but the Zenfone 4 PRO seems exciting, interesting, at least, to me if gsmarena's specs are correct. It is the only flagship snapdragon 835 phone that exists that has FM radio, IR blaster and a sizable 3600 mAh battery. No other flagship snapdragon 835 phone have all those 'rare' features in a flagship. They're common in midrangers and entry level phones but have never seen all three present even in Xiaomi and Huawei flagships. All other generic features like amoled screen, 6GB RAM, dual cameras are pretty common in flagship phones.

  • AnonD-229512

Am i the only one who find their naming convention ridiculous?