Essential Phone goes on pre-order at Amazon and Sprint too, ships in a few weeks

17 August 2017
The unlocked model has been available to pre-order from Best Buy for a while, it's now joined by the version destined for Sprint.

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  • seph

How so, please enlighten us about the specs of that phone. I hope that its made of titanium materials for the case not aluminum. and I hope so, that its snapdragon for the processor.

  • seph

that hole in upper middle of the corner is a camera, right? the only smartphone brand made that! its kindda amazing :)

  • AnonD-569198

No SD card - not for me.

  • AnonD-183222

Why do this smartphone has a "hole" at the top of the screen and big bezels at the bottom? I just can't understand it... iPhone 8 will have a "hole" at the top of the screen but at least won't have bezels at the bottom!

  • AnonD-90109

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2017Too expensive. Crap phone.How so, please enlighten us, up to date top specs, build like a tank, with quality "titanium, no aluminum" materials, is your statement from personal experience with the device, I am interested to hear.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2017No one likes this phone....You mean you don't. That's not the same statement at all.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-443999, 18 Aug 2017No Android phone sells for MSRP after a month.Google are still asking the original price for the first gen Pixels where I am, 10 months later.

They really do think they are Apple...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-39937, 18 Aug 2017weeks and weeks and weeks, this is how it went from May til... moreInteresting that you mention the Pixel 2: given the problems Google had making the original Pixel available I'd have thought you'd consider it as an analogy to this phone rather than a counter-example. And the original Pixel's sales, as far as we can tell, have been anything but "crushing".

  • AnonD-39937

weeks and weeks and weeks, this is how it went from May till now...they can do it for more weeks and wait for iPhone 7s, 8 and Google Pixel 2, phones which will crush the Essential phone...they had an advantage, to come earlier on the market, and it's gone...I really liked this phone, but with an availability like this I may change my mind of how serious the Essential company is

  • AnonD-497261

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2017The lack of reviews is making me suspicious of it's potential.It's called a "PUBLICITY/REVIEW EMBARGO".

Good lord, the people who post on this site are . . . . under-educated?

Yeah, we'll go with that.

::::::rolls eyes::::::


  • Anonymous

Too expensive. Crap phone.

  • Anonymous

JMTM, 18 Aug 2017LoL at those suckers will be playing $700 for this one. Gu... moreAnd what is your problem with that???

  • AnonD-443999

No Android phone sells for MSRP after a month.

  • Anonymous

The lack of reviews is making me suspicious of it's potential.

  • AnonD-647919

I can't wait to see all this phone has to offer.

Considering it was developed by the creator of the Original Android OS which Google bought and has continually altered.
Hopefully this phone brings back the best aspects of what an Android phone should be.

  • JMTM

LoL at those suckers will be playing $700 for this one.
Guarantee this will go below $500 or more in two months....
meaning you suckers will have to unload your mint unit for $400 or less.

  • Anonymous

No one likes this phone....