Asus promises Android O updates for the entire Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 4 series

17 August 2017
Unfortunately, the company plans on dragging the process along until the second half of next year.

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  • Rai shatrughan

When we take this phone the shopkeeper should be tell that the updated of Oreo come to your phone after few months. But there is not a single response by the Asus company I am really disappointed to the Asus company I am not happy to buy this phone because there is no any updated Asus company manager does not have a sincerity if the phone is old they cannot provide the updated I can brought this phone in December 2016 there is only two years ago but there is no updated given by the Asus company I am really requested you to provide me the updated of Oreo thank you please check this message . And the name of my phone is Asus zenfone selfie

  • AnonD-428442

In the and, Asus makes money by selling new phones, not updating old ones. It's up to people to believe this PR bs.

  • Anonymous

My Zenfone 3 is running Nougat. So they seem to have improved from the Zenfone 2 days.

  • piku

Asus didn't gave marshmallow OTA for zenfone 2 after that experience i am not getting any more asus devices also zenfone 4 series are way overpriced it seems.

  • AnonD-402029

ha ha ha ha..
yes they will..just dont know when..
got xperience with zenfone 2
at least they give us bootloader unlocker for custom rom

  • virachochas

Yah, sure, when released ZF2 they said that will receive Marshmallow very soon. After 2 years and after more than a half of phones from his generation received Nougat, they do it. I'm sooooo impressed. SO, expect Android 0 for ZF3 in 2019.

  • Anonymous

Oh that's nice... It means its still ok to buy 2016 model Zenfone 3 phones since they'll still be up to date until about late next year when Android P. is released.

This sucks, only update the much recent ones. Why not don't even update since they don't even update the older ones?

  • Arnav

Asus is doing pretty well with the Zenfone 3 series this time. I have seen people hating them for not providing updates but the Zenfone 3 is updated regularly and is always on the latest security patch though on 7.0.

  • Polen

I had a Zenpad, it had excellent hardware but the amount of bloatware and too much customisation through the skin was overly too much.

  • AnonD-387634

HOPE they wont dich zenfone 3 from the list of android O like they did to the zenfone 5(1st gen) and god bless zenfone 2 series, stuck at MM

  • Asus Lover

Also wait update for entire Asus Zenfone Go series.

  • RobyG

Promises Promises ! Pro Misses ! like many other OEMs they don't employee the right Android ROM programmers to get out the updates at a post Google Pixel time frame !

  • Anonymous

Asus promised to blow me... Eventually they did

  • Savor

I hate Asus and that's one major update when it should be two major ones like all other phones. The better question is whether it gets Android P?