Xiaomi working with Google on next Android One smartphone

21 August 2017
The Xiaomi Mi 5X might arrive in Indonesia with stock Android and an even lower price.

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  • AnonD-202481
  • gML
  • 21 Aug 2017

Already xiaomi mobiles r getting burst.. Now working on Google.so. If u say(voice commands) that hello Google, the mobile will get burst.. 😂😂😂

    • h
    • hfour
    • JyC
    • 21 Aug 2017

    hopefully it's true and it will be available in EU

      I am indonesian.. nice xiaomi

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        • Anonymous
        • d%u
        • 21 Aug 2017

        Oh yes the google one phones having stock amdroid tgat barely get updated

          • V
          • Vin
          • yM3
          • 21 Aug 2017

          This is great news this phone gonna hit the market because of google stock clean software experience. Xiaomi should also put clean android in upcoming phone mi mix 2 or at should do something like dual os or google edition mix 2

            I want it, a xiaomi device with stock android, if it in my country it will be a no brainer

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              • OnlyTech
              • MHx
              • 21 Aug 2017

              Android One is a good initiative from Google......Nexus phones at a cheaper price. However, they should work on the feedback given by the people, so that this brand can improve with time.