Live BlackBerry Torch 2 spy shots leak, confirm promising specs

26 May, 2011
Live photos of the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 leaked and it seems that RIM is finally bringing its game up to speed. The device is not only even better looking than its successor, but it also packs...

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  • Anonymous

will this phone need a new data bundle or can we continue with BIS and will wassup still work

  • Pankaj

I am a die-hard BB user, just because I need to be online on mails. For me, it is a dream coming true. A bigger, better capacitive touch screen, 1.2 GHz processor, more RAM, more storage, and still I can use BIS services! It is like getting both the worlds in your hand. My only grudge is it is a bit late. Why can't I get it today? I am in no mood to wait.

  • Mhir

I can't really wait to replace My Torch 9800 smartphone with this new one, it just keeps up to date with the competition from the droids!

  • Roark

Wow,now this is called coming upto competition. The only competition of BB is BB itself. and the specs on this new Torch is awesome. BB really does not need to pay attention to iOS or Android or anyone else as they cater to a niche segment.

P.S will this one be available in White?

  • Anonymous

Get real!, 26 May 2011Why are you guy badmouthing devices in which you're clearly not ... moreI agree, I am happy with my Torch it does all I need it to and well. Call quality is great, email very functional and unlike droids is data secure.
People need to ask, what do they want, and thing with a bit higher spec, with no great impreoved functionality, with apps you never use and a hefty price tag, for your latest, childish, look what I've got.....or a phone that works.

  • Jimmy in W1

Seems like the new torch is merely a 9900 with a slider, like the 9780 was to the 1st torch.

  • ukamyu

Yup, TOTALLY agree with Oflife, the Torch 2 running Android would be an instant best-seller! Those rectangular slab phones are so uninteresting...!

  • Anonymous

thecalmcritic, 26 May 2011@anon "Screen too small should be 4.5" Here's the ... moreI don't like blackberries but 4.5" is just stupid for one.

  • JK

What about Adobe Flash Support in Web Browesr? Obviously this fone will not cost less then 650 USD. Its always a nice option to buy Android 2.2 OS fones with all the features on board for not more then 150 USD. Just for BBM & Emailing its not worth guys.

  • AnonD-1131

What's taking RIM so long to port it's QNX OS to their cellphone line? It looks great and feels great on the PlayBook. Why can't they put it on their BBs?

  • pokemon

hope will have front face camera ^_^

  • Supavax

Thanks for the upgrade RIM, only 2 things that need attention, battery life on 3G and then also camera size otherwise Black Berry is the bomb! I have got a torch and loving it, with BIS included naturally.

  • Anonymous

peprxt, 26 May 2011Rim 7.0 the best Operate Sistem....the best operated system compared to what? android or apple? lol i dont think so...maybe the best system for a blackberry, and even at that, there way behind

  • AnonD-2005

actually with that screen size, it would be nice if it comes in the droid pro form factor...

  • the_calm_critic

" it is enough technology for many people who do not seek the 'latest' but a functioning tool to get the job done."

Fair enough...Just don't go and still make it easy for RIM to demand the "LATEST" RRPs per BB model then?What's their idea of value propositions when stacked against many many more capable phones in said price range?Look at any launched BBs' unlocked prices and you'll see that it's way way too close to competing midrange and even some older top end smartphones?

  • Get real!

gunnz, 26 May 2011Why are you guys hyping up improvements that most if them are la... moreWhy are you guy badmouthing devices in which you're clearly not interested in? What might be 'last year's standard' for you is 'new features' for a whole lot of people upgrading their contracts / devices from 2 years ago!

Only because this phone might not meet your ***high*** standards, it is enough technology for many people who do not seek the 'latest' but a functioning tool to get the job done.

  • Chazztbay

I'm a Canadian and even I know BB sucks. I have been to RIM park in Waterloo. They are in denial. The business segment of cell phones is now the minority, and unless BB wants to end up there as well, they need a HUGE leap forward in technology. As someone else said, these specs would be great. In 2008.

  • peprxt

Rim 7.0 the best Operate Sistem....

  • Oflife

A form factor like this running Android would be superb. The Torch is not a bad little phone, but is constrained by RiM's own OS. What other phone offers a large touch screen and a slide out keyboard - in the easier to type with one hand candybar format? (Desire Z requires two hands.)

  • thecalmcritic

"Screen too small should be 4.5"

Here's the thing.Torch 2 is designed as a "portrait" not landscape QWERTY slider, thus the emphasis on "1 handedness" usage.Going 4.5" is a bit over the top for it to be of any 1 handedness useful but I do agree that 3.2" needs to die for the model.Anywhere between 3.5" - 4" tops is more realistic.Having that said to scale the screen up would only make sense if RIM allows for better res but so far this isn't the case for Torch 2.

Makes you wonder about however good BB OS 7 will/can be, why is it that current crackberry addicts aren't demanding a bit more for their much beloved choice of smartphones?