Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro goes official

23 August 2017
The smart wearable comes with a 1.5-inch 216x432px curved Super AMOLED display, GPS and a 200mAh battery.

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  • r7H
  • 22 Jan 2018

I am so disappointed with my Gear Fit2. My first one didn't work and they sent me a new one without any hassle. Thanks! However, my second one, will just periodically NOT calculate my workouts or steps. I charge it every night because if I don't it may stop in the middle of the day. Yesterday I didn't wear it all day, it was on the charger, so today I put it on and it didn't calculate a thing! Shows the time so I had no idea that it wasn't working before I started my outside workout, came in to check and nothing! I really thought this was the watch for me, but maybe not! When it works I do like it!

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    • Moe
    • Y6F
    • 25 Oct 2017

    Why is everyone complaining about battery life? My Microsoft Band 2 had a "2" day battery life but I only got about 1 day out of it.
    When I shower, I charge it. That 10-15 min of getting ready gets me over 95%. That was good enough to get me thru the next 23.75 hours.

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      • AnonD-694622
      • 3yT
      • 24 Aug 2017

      Nice sport atch

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        • Arnaud
        • yfT
        • 24 Aug 2017

        I agree with everybody: Don't waste your money on this sh*t !

        The OS isn't reliable, the battery life it's just a big joke ! With GPS on, you can't expect a running of more than 30 minutes !

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          • mir
          • sxr
          • 24 Aug 2017

          Looks like fitbit have nothing to worry aboutfor now. The battery life will be horrendous on this one as well.

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            • thisguy
            • kD@
            • 24 Aug 2017

            that OS reminds me of sharps danger OS on the sidekicks.

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              • polo
              • p{H
              • 23 Aug 2017

              Will this equipment has integrated microphone?

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                • Anonymous
                • m1L
                • 23 Aug 2017

                Samsung Gear Fit 2 was a nice hardware with the crappiest software I have ever encountered. Completely unreliable, reporting simply wrong statistics regarding steps, or runs or anything else. Example: I usually run at 4'30"-5'00" per km. The band was reporting 9'00" per km. Once the run was finished, the reports on the phone were correct (I presume...). Ultimately, I will avoid Samsung hardware since that experience, except their TVs.

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                  • AnonD-651341
                  • XMF
                  • 23 Aug 2017

                  200 mah is totally joke. I have gear fit 2 and the battery life is nightmare haha

                  Next... wait for fitbit smartwatch

                    This device needs 1 week battery runtime and I'm sold.