Vivo announces Y69 with 5.5-inch HD display and MediaTek processor

25 August 2017
Has a 16 megapixel front camera with flash.

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  • AnonD-117647

Non sense at its best. Oppo/Vivo are slowly poisoning their own selves to death. Their technology/product heads whatever you call them are living under a rock without internet or any connection to the outside world. At my place, whenever there is a festival, I go to the market and see those green/white and blue/white balloons, I call them balloons instead of mascots with an idiot sitting under them trying to convince people to buy this type of crap. And if that wasn't enough, an orange/white balloon from Gionee has recently joined the company. Three of them belong to the future and will to take the offline market by a storm. I must say that they have been pretty successful in their plan so far because I can't help my self noticing them whenever I go to the market on a festival. They have almost become part of the decoration. If the phenomena continues, I am afraid someday they might cast their balloon spell on me as well and I might end up buying their stuff.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Ooh
Definitely wanna hear about it
I always have a hearty laugh after his comments on these brands

Look up Vivo V5 Lite. Same as this. My comment keep getting deleted. Why are you trying to hide the truth gsmarena? This is old V5 Lite phone rebranded/refurbished as Y69.

  • Anonymous

My friend bought a oppo f3 only because of iPhone style look @20k.
Now i bought LenovoP2 for 12k and he is crying that he was cheated.

Pathetic battery, display, performance & heating issues
Camera is the only Saving grace that too loo great but when we zoom in, it get pixelated

  • AnonD-264966

Rather get a redmi 4 at ₹10,999 with 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, SD435 SoC and a 5.0" HD Display.


Redmi note 4 at ₹13,999 with much⁴ much⁴ better processor than MTK6750 i.e., SD625, A good battery, 1080p Display, 4GB+64GB Ram and ROM

Moto G5 Plus at ₹15,990, same specs as RN4 but better camera lesser storage but you'll get dedicated micro SD card slot topped with Stock Android and promised software updates like Android O.

  • Anonymous

Waiting for Technical Guruji's view on this garbage phone
Gonna be fun

Selfie Moonlight... That is their selling point.

  • Anonymous

Just as long as it looks like an iPhone no matter the specs, it will sell.

I don't hate these brands, but they are fooling people's, showing them their moonlight cam.

In india most of people don't understand that these phone has crapp chip, poor hd dis. And low battery life. They only see the cameras of this phone's, that's why these oppo and vivo brands are famous nowadays...

  • lp

Mr. Electronics, 25 Aug 2017Remind me again, will people actually buy this? yep specially in offline in India

Mr. Electronics, 25 Aug 2017Remind me again, will people actually buy this? Yes. There are many stupid people out there.

HD & Mediatek shit @ 15,000 INR ? No one will buy

Remind me again, will people actually buy this?

Sadly, this crap will become another hit from vivo. As they achieved 3rd spot in largest smartphone brand by selling their selfie focused phone. Nothing else, not even finger print scanner. Now they know very well that most of the Indians just see numbers. (16mp)