Samsung Galaxy Note8 sports the best screen DisplayMate has ever tested

28 August 2017
The company has given A+’s to other Samsung flagships in the past, but the Galaxy Note8 met or exceeded existing records in some categories.

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2017Sony dont make tv panels, they buy them from lg and samsungThey buy from Sharp and AUO for high end models, LG panels for low end models.

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AnonD-120062, 04 Sep 2017Nope, by LG nope

  • AnonD-120062

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2017....for which the screens will be made by Samsung.Nope, by LG

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2017Samsung's been top in screens for some time now. Too bad th... moreSo you've never actually used a smart phone in real life yet? Understood.

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2017Sony dont make tv panels, they buy them from lg and samsungThey buy the panels from AUO/Sharp/Samsung but still achieve better picture quality than Samsung/LG. Its now about which panel you use, its about how you use it.

  • Anonymous

Samsung's been top in screens for some time now. Too bad that their software and rest of hardware s*ck.

I expect mi mix 2 to *kill* this phone same as mix mix 1 killed note 7 (in battery life, responsiveness, support, screen to body ratio, etc).

  • RainX

robdevil XI, 30 Aug 2017Amoled is not oled. Otherwise would be called just oled. Di... moreFYI............

"AMOLED is a display technology used in portable devices like mobile phones. Active-matrix OLED displays provide the same performance as their passive-matrix OLED counterparts, but they consume significantly less power.

This advantage makes active-matrix OLEDs well suited for portable electronics where battery power consumption is critical."

so there is you argument...

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AnonD-675629, 29 Aug 2017Great AMOLED.. i work at a phonestore where we display all ... moreHmmmmmm.

Had Samsung Amoled devices for quite a few years now. Galaxy S1, S3, S4 S6Edge and now S8 and have NEVER had any issue with the screens. They have all without exception been outstanding.

You sure you work in a phone shop?

  • AnonD-695460

AnonD-345931, 29 Aug 2017People, if you think Displaymate is lying, then ok. Prove i... moreLol don't worry about the losers here especially the undercover Sony fans this is how they are rationalizing reality.

  • Chopsticks

samseng, 29 Aug 2017Last year s7 is the best screen ever,say displaymate.a few ... moreMaybe it's because Samsung have invested £$m's in display R&D over many years, went with their own sAMOLED tech when all vast majority of OEM's were sticking with the old LCD displays and actually have the best displays currently available?

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AnonD-695532, 29 Aug 2017iPhone 7 plus has the best display I have ever tested.Do yourself a favour and try a Samsung sAMOLED panel then mate. Stunning difference.

  • AnonD-695460

Once again Samsung wins, this is becoming very normal now.

  • AnonD-373654

Anonymous , 30 Aug 2017But amoled is derive from oled, so it falls under the oled ... moreif amoled is derive of oled.. its basically saying, mercedes C class is S class... Super amoleds are far polished than any oled display..

  • AnonD-373654

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2017Pentile is a pixel matrix setup. It can be LCD or pled. An... morepentile setup is the setup used in all oleds currently, while every lcd has 3 sub pixels, and some can even have 4... no matter of calibration can make oled differentiate between the shades of black.. i have galaxy s7 edge.. So i know.. dark scenes in movies look pitch dark.. and It is the best display panel in the world right now.. maybe note 8 now.. but all the same.. picture quality of oled is definitely good.. but it isnt better than qled.. Oleds have far too many disadvantages to be considered perfect..

  • AnonD-412467

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2017DisplayMate always say this nonsense when the lastes Samsun... moreKKKkkkkk,agree. So why are reviewers doing that? I think they are very important for people who want a good advice to buy something that they know aren't failing. So if the reviws are previously paid,it means that it is not important for a choice...

  • AnonD-598695

Cassy O, 29 Aug 2017Against LG G6? LOL, the difference is a lot, just try to... moreNo, there isn't any visible difference. The gap between LED and LCD tech hasn't become that wider yet.

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 30 Aug 2017I bet people will still comment about amoled colour oversat... moreBurn ins are significant issues.

  • Anonymous

DisplayMate always say this nonsense when the lastes Samsung flagship releases. They're just a fraud, scam site with paid reviews. In fact, Samsung's AMOLED is worse than IPS LCD.

They're like DxOMark who give more points for the phones with worse camera.

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AnonD-114814, 29 Aug 2017Lg has the best oled tv, lg v30 will have the same oled dis... moreyou said fruit tastes better than banana? LOL

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2017Sony dont make tv panels, they buy them from lg and samsungThey do make panels for their models, but for a limited of time.