Deal: eBay offers 20% off phones and smartwatches for Labor Day

01 September 2017
The discount is capped at $50, but you can still get a (new) Android Wear or a (refurbished) iPhone for around $100.

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  • Force Majeure

I wouldn't buy an old refurbished or never used iphone 1-6 even if was only $20. iOS pffft. Please Goby.

  • AnonD-696687

Don't believe the hype. All the phones are more expensive today (by 30%) than yesterday.
HTC One M8 from $109 to $159
LG G5 from $200 to $249
Nextbit Robin from $109 to $154

  • Kangal

Can be used with non-US accounts, however, Code only works with PayPal Accounts registered to US.

Just tried from abroad, that's how I know.
Could've been a good deal for me, since iPhone's seem to be more overpriced in other countries while they're rather cheap/regular things in the US and much. I think it might have to do something with people paying only US$200-$250 on contract, and thinking that's what its worth... not knowing just how much of it is subsidised on their massive carrier plan bills.