Essential Phone is essentially impossible to repair

05 September 2017
The much anticipated smartphone has been torn down, revealing a very bad repairability score.

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  • etradesupply

Maybe several months later, people find new ways to tear down the Essentail Phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2017Not as essential as it turns out. Best phone: Bezeless, ... moreWire are too heavy for you?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2017nooo dude. sony's mobile division will extinct in less than... moreI remember people saying same thing 2 years ago.

  • Anonymous

im still wondering if andy rubin really had any involvement in the designing the phone

  • AnonD-632062

So essentially, it's not good.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-249626, 06 Sep 2017you say that since 2010 and now already 2017Nobody said fingerptint, replaceable cameras, completely wireless in 2010 ... time to start telling those now. The phone of 2020s should not look like an iphone, it should be somethibg new. Small as the original iphone yet giant screen, yet infinite autonomy, portable and ergonomical...

  • AnonD-249626

you say that since 2010 and now already 2017

  • Anonymous

Not as essential as it turns out.

Best phone: Bezeless, 5.5 incher
128x64mm (any bigger and it is not a phone, it phablet w 0 usability)
Selfie, below screen (whenever a selfie shot is needed that part of the screen shuts off and the screen gets slightly smaller)
Upper backside of the phone removable (upgradeable cameras)
Rest of the backside *easily* removable (replaceable battery)
No port (it is useless, you only charge the backside of the phone directly as you use the phone, it is smaller than a charger)
Internal mini battery that keeps the lights on when replacing the battery (no ugly reboots)
Only supports bluetooth peripheral, banishing wires altogether.

Fingreprint scanner underneath the bottom side of the screen.

So you get: infinite autonomy (never have to charge, always have sth to wait for you)
best ergonomy (big screen, yet one handed use)
Portability (forget wires, small size, BT peripherals charge on the spare backside which you have instead of charger)
Upgradeability (battery and cameras upgradeable)

It is all possible w current tech.

*That* ( the above) is the essential phone. It would be for 2020s what iphone was for late 00s and early 10s ... It would sell like hotcakes ... anything else is certainly not essential (not even close in fact).

So a Essential Flop

  • Alien

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2017nooo dude. sony's mobile division will extinct in less than... moreThat's what you think. I'd rather pay double or triple on a Sony, than buying a china phone per example. I can afford it. In the end it's all about quality and durability, not quantity or how shiny and pretty it looks.
Everyone has different needs and tastes. If you don't like Sony, it doesn't mean others don't.
Trolls were saying the same thing 10 years ago and Sony is still on the market. Not to mention the software is the best right after the pixel line.
Go troll somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

Alien, 06 Sep 2017I juat hope that Sharp S2 and S3 are better at being repair... morenooo dude. sony's mobile division will extinct in less than 2 years

  • AnonD-244675

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2017another sony trollI like Sony phones, but I agree. That guy is Essentially out of his league.

  • Alien

I juat hope that Sharp S2 and S3 are better at being repaired. If it's the same story as with the essential phone, then I'm gonna go with Sony again.

  • Janis2017

The worst is when you buy phone to operator shop no one gives you nothing to protect it. I will stop using phones forever.

  • AnonD-454153

another garbage

  • Anonymous

Sony Xperia FOREVER, 05 Sep 2017no one wants to buy that phone... so don't bother thinking ... moreanother sony troll

If you somehow read the ifixit article, the reason being, because it is impossible to get into without breaking or damaging anything. if that's the case, replacing the battery will end up costing a lot more, burning money.

i feel sad about this as I put respect this phone more than the Nokia 8.

  • Anonymous

So their saying is, your gonna Essentially waste $700 bucks if this phone bugs out or some internal functions like Gyro/Sensors/etc. won't work and even Certified Professionals won't be able to repair it without Essentially Breaking it more.

  • Anonymous

The essential phone is a huge marketing gag

  • Carol

Mark, 06 Sep 2017I'm not an Apple fan. never had Apple device, but this is w... moreReally, apple? They do what ever is necessary for their customers to not be able to repair those devices, by them self's. The only reason their devices are not fully locked down, is the Technicians whom are granted a small way of repairing those useless crapps.