vivo confirms all-black Mars Edition X20 variant

12 September 2017
The Chinese company recently confirmed September 21 as the official unveiling date for the phone.

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]it's marketing

Maybe vivo means black when night comes at Mars, that's why vivo put wallpaper desert at night there.
Of course we often hear phones with color like "black night" or "midnight blue", a bit confusing right? both are night but different color, black and blue. To me "black mars" is just the same, marketing gimmicks

Not bad at all, for its segment.

  • Anonymous

This is what Sony should have done...

  • Anonymous

I hope this phone available international, not just within china. People are bored with lower-midrange vivo v series only

  • AnonD-621147

Thank GSM arena for covering these gorgeous phones when not many sites do. This one looks to be a keeper. I only wish I can get my hands on it unlike Vivo xplay 6 Stephen curry edition which was impossible to find.

  • Anonymous

next black hole,black star, black sun,black earth,black moon, black light,black universe etc.etc

I want both this and mi note 3 to launch in indian markets at the same time.